Civilian killed, 5 others injured in Turkish bombing of Ain Issa

7 mercenaries belonging to the Turkish occupation were killed and 7 others were injured, while trying to infiltrate the villages of Ain Issa, and the barbaric Turkish bombing of villages located on the frontlines caused the martyrdom of a civilian and the injury of 5 others.

Second Syrian Forum concluded with interventions and a final statement

The activities of the Second Syrian Forum of the Democratic Union Party, which was held under the title “Historical Strategy for Kurdish-Arab Relations According to the Perspective of Leader Abdullah Ocalan,” concluded with a discussion of the forum’s themes, participants’ interventions, and a final statement summarizing the importance of the strategic role of relations.

Woman 50 years old martyred due to Turkish occupation UAV

She went to help an injured person as a result of the Turkish occupation aircraft’s bombing of the village of Bukarskan in Başûr Kurdistan. However, another raid caused her severe injury and she was subsequently martyred, aged 50.

Families of Manbij martyrs slam Turkish attacks

The Council of Families of the Martyrs of Manbij condemned the ongoing attacks of the Turkish occupation army on NE Syria, confirming that the Turkish state had committed crimes against humanity.

Mazloum Abdi stresses importance of People's solidarity in NE Syria

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces stressed the importance of the people's solidarity in NE Syria, and their great role in achieving gains, stressing that their solidarity opened the way for the region to be a model for all of Syria.

Second Syrian Forum kicks off in Raqqa

​​​​​​​In the meantime, the second Syrian forum of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) held under the title “The Historical Strategy for Kurdish-Arab Relations According to the Perspective of Leader Ocalan,” to discuss the strategic role of Arab-Kurdish relations in resolving the Syrian crisis, and the importance of the Arab-Kurdish agreement in resolving the current crises.