Participants in sit-in tent: We will support resistance of empty bellies

The participants in the sit-in tent confirmed that they will continue to support the strugglers who are fighting the empty stomach battle in Turkish prisons, and will resist until the tight isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan is raised, calling on human rights organizations and the international community to put an end to the violations of the Turkish state.

Congra Star: 16 years struggle turned women into pioneers

The Congra Star has offered congratulations to the leader Abdullah Ocalan on the occasion of the 16th annual anniversary of the formation of the Congra Star, as making pledges to proceed fighting in the way of setting all feminist issues according to bases laid by leader Abdullah Ocalan. 

Democratic Union of Students:  occupation would fade

Democratic Union of Students in the city of Aleppo, condemned in a statement attacks carried out by the Turkish Occupation Forces on North and Eastern Syria and that the Age Resistance that was commenced in Afrin would proceed until an end is put to the Turkish Occupation.

Babies in the al-Hol Camp !

A woman dressed in black in the al-Hol Camp pushes a cart onboard a baby, as another does the same, saying '' a gift from God'', as they live in  a sector confined just to ISIS women.