Proposals and warnings from Syrian politicians to As-Suwayda protesters

Syrian politicians explained that the protests taking place in As-Suwayda came as a result of the pressure exerted on the people by the Damascus government in all aspects of life, and they called on the people of As-Suwayda to distance their just demands for which they are calling from the attempts of Western powers to distort them and interfere in them, warning of their repercussions on the peacefulness of the movement.

SDF dismantle an ISIS mercenary cell

The Syrian Democratic Forces dismantled a cell of ISIS mercenaries, and were able to eliminate one of its members after he did not comply with the fighters' calls and attempted to escape, and confiscated weapons and military equipment in their possession.

Utmost outputs of Dialogue Forum for Women in NE,Syria

The final statement of the Dialogue Forum for Women in North and East Syria stressed the intensification of efforts and public demand for all means to uncover the status of leader Abdullah Ocalan and achieve his physical freedom.

Security chaos prevails in Daraa

Daraa is witnessing chaos, security chaos, and repeated incidents of assassinations and arrests, as unidentified persons targeted a “civilian” with direct bullets, killing him instantly, while members of the Political Security Branch of the Damascus government arrested 6 citizens.

Hearing explosions in Damascus countryside

Three violent explosions were heard after midnight in several areas in the western Damascus countryside,the explosions led to two deaths as a preliminary toll.