Al-Tabqa clans: Ocalan 's message is sources of pride, prestige to us

Sheikh Fawaz al-Baik said that "the message of leader Ocalan is a page written in gold in the pages of Arab history," pointing out that Ocalan is free in his free human thought and lofty concepts, adding that isolation is an illusion in the minds of "Ottoman fascism," stressing the depth of the historical root of Arab relations - Kurdish.

In two months, 75 shells target Afrin people residing in al-Shahba

During the months of July and August, the Turkish occupation and its gangs have intensified its shelling on al-Shahba canton which is densely populated by Afrin people, who are forcibly displaced, which resulted in the killing one citizen and injuring 5 others as well as to damage civilians' properties.

Gire Spi's activities reached its 35th day

Residents of Gire Spi continue to stand as human shields for the 35th consecutive day on the Turkish-Syrian border in condemnation of Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria.

"We reject Turkish threats, dialogue is solution"

During a large-scale meeting of residents on the latest developments in Manbij and its countryside, the Civivil Democratic Administration(CDA) in Manbij and its countryside assessed the "rejection of the way the Turkish occupier always threatens".

Syrian tribes thwart Turkey's attempts to dismantle demographics

Turkish attempts to create Kurdish-Arab fighting for years have not worked in Syria, despite Turkish battles with religious masks in the country and attempts to provoke Arab tribes, coupled with a media and psychological warfare encouraging the fighting, where the tribes of northern and eastern Syria gave a clear message in light of talk about another Turkish attempt to occupy the area.

1 ISIS member was killed,1 arrested

ISF arrested a member of ISIS's sleeper cell on Tuesday while placing explosive devices along with two other mercenaries.

Barakat: Perpetrators of Qamishlo explosion arrested

Kanaan Barakat, the co-chair of the Interior Body in al-Jazeera Region, said they arrested the cell that carried out the Qamishlo explosion during the funeral ceremony of the martyr who was martyred in the explosion.

PYD: Silence on Turkish state fascism will make it reckless

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that the actions of the Turkish fascism are contrary to all international standards related to human and peoples' rights, and stressed that they will have serious consequences and catastrophic repercussions on all the peoples of the region.

Turkish police attack MPs of Democratic People's Party

Turkish police attacked gathering of the co -chairs and a number of Democratic Peoples' Party departments that were preparing to release a statement condemning the seizure of municipalities in Bakur by the Turkish authorities.

US magazine: Dispute escalates between Russians, Turks, in Syrian Idlib

Tensions between Turkey and Russia has intensified dramatically on Monday, when Russian-Syrian warplanes bombed a Turkish army convoy in Syria, resulted in the killing at least three people, according to an opinion piece published in the Washington magazine Ekseminar.

No life in occupied territories

A citizen of the Turkish-occupied town of Qebasin said that the occupation imposes the policy of demographic change not only in Afrin but also in al-Shahba, pointing to insecurity and that  ISIS leaders who have changed dress and become leaders in Turkey's mercenary groups.

Thousands of HPC demonstrated against Turkish occupation

Thousands of members of the Society Protection Forces(HPC) demonstrated at the border strip in the town of Serekaniye of al-Hasakah canton to denounce Turkish threats to areas of northeastern Syria.