2,500 refugees suffer in Deri-ez-Zor camps

Refugees of al-Kasra and Abo Khashab camps' suffering is increasing day by day, whose number reaches more than 2,500 people, after exodus the people of GIRÊ SPî and Serêkaniy, in particular as winter season has come.

Iraqi citizen killed in al-Hol camp

Iraqi citizen killed in al-Hol camp which is considered the most dangerous camp in the world, where the camp is witnessing an intensive security operation to search increased operation killing. 

​​​​​​​Siko: KRG should review its policy

The general coordinator of Forces Union of Kurdish Parties in Rojava Abd al-karim Siko demands the government of Başûr Kurdistan, in particular, Kurdistan Democratic party to review its policy and putting the Kurdish people fate above any consideration and benefits.

Demonstrators: Children killer cannot exterminate our presence

Many women in Aleppo city assured during a demonstration held to denounce the Tel Rifat massacre that the tyrant Erdogan would not be able to erase their presence by killing their elders and children, calling him a “children killer,” holding all silent world countries for his massacres the responsible of shedding children’s blood.