​​​​​​​Ceiling of the demands of the people of As-Suwayda has risen

The Executive Director of the Uprising Media Center in As-Suwayda confirmed that the demands of the demonstrators in As-Suwayda are no longer merely service-related, as the basis of the problem is considered political. She said: “The ceiling of demands to change the regime and implement UN Resolution 2,254 has risen, which has revived hope for achieving the desired change since 2011.”

Internal Security Forces talk about efforts to combat people smuggling

An administrator in the Organized Crime Office in the Internal Security Forces in the Euphrates Region said that they are working in all force divisions to reduce the phenomenon of people smuggling and stop smugglers. He said that they have information indicating that there is coordination between smugglers and Turkish officers to facilitate emptying the region of its population.

4 citizens abducted in occupied Afrin

MIT and its mercenaries kidnapped 4 citizens, including two elderly people, in the villages of the occupied Afrin, while the mercenaries imposed a levy on a citizen in exchange for living in his house.