Al-Darbasiyah youth demonstrate against complicity of PDK

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in the Darbasiyah district condemned the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Turkish occupation state, stressing the continuation of the resistance approach and their support for the Guerrilla.

Call for protests against leader Ocalan's isolation in Qamishlo

Tomorrow, the Popular Initiative will organize a mass demonstration in the city of Qamishlo against the conspiracy and international isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Ocalan, calling on all the people of Qamishlo canton to join it.

Sit-in tent in Qamishlo initiates to decry leader Ocalan's incommunicado detention

In the presence of Kurds, Arabs, and Syriacs, the sit-in tent event denouncing the isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Ocalan was launched in the city of Qamishlo, the participants confirmed that leader Ocalan’s physical freedom is one of the most important agendas of people yearning for freedom around the world.

Hasaka clashes: 20 killed, wounded including officers

For 10 days, the security square in the city of Hasaka witnessed clashes between the forces of the Damascus government and its National Defense forces, which led to the displacement of dozens of families, the killing and wounding of more than 20 members of both sides.