The secret Russian-Turkish patrol ends its tour

The sixth secret patrol ended for fear of the reactions of the people between the Russian forces and the Turkish occupation in the district, after they toured the western villages of the district.

Orgs suspended its activities in N, E Syria which increased burden on AA, UN still stick to inactive

The majority of international organizations suspended their activities in northern and eastern Syria due to the Turkish aggression on the region, which increased the burden on the institutions of the Autonomous Administration and local organizations, while the Office of Humanitarian Affairs confirmed the exit of UN agencies from the service of the displaced after the recommendations of the Syrian government.

Hundreds of fighters joined Self-Protection Forces in al-Raqqa

In order to strengthen the defense and protection system, especially in light of the Turkish aggression, the Martyr Ahmed al-Ali Academy of the Self-Defense Duty in al-Raqqa opened on Wednesday within a ceremony the third training course for volunteers from al-Raqqa city and its countryside, which held the name of the Martyr Mohammed Ali Hesso.

Serêkaniyê people: Turkish occupation aims to eradicate us

Serêkaniyê district council in Washo Kani camp said that Turkish aggression is fighting humanity and trying to exterminate peoples and change their demography, calling on international organizations and international countries to expedite their return to their homes because of summer season approaches.

Spokesman: Turkey targets the Syriac directly

The spokesman for the Syriac Military Council Abjar Yacoub said that the repeated Turkish attacks on the perimeter of the city of Tal Tamr led to the migration of hundreds of the children of the Syriac component.

The mercenaries attacked Abed al-Hay village

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army attacked Abed al-Hay village in Serêkaniyê area, which led to breaking out clashes with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)