Young man killed in Girê Spî, following clashes outbreak among mercenaries

A local source from Girê Spî canton reported that strong clashes broke out between the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sharqiya and al-Jabha al-Shamiyya affiliated with the Turkish occupation, which resulted in killing a young man, and added that the mercenaries are carrying out a campaign of raids and searches in all the villages of the canton in search of wanted persons.

Directory of Electricity in Ain Issa damaged

Officials in the Directory of Electricity in the Ain Issa district have said that the aim of the Turkish Occupation Army by targeting the Electricity Directory is to damage the infrastructure in the region, and obstructing services given to citizens, calling on the international community to stop such breaches.   

Mobilization of Iraqi Forces condemned in Tal Hamis

Tens of people in the district of Tal Hamis of the Qamishlo Canton, participated in a massive demonstration in the Tal Hamis District, in condemnation of the late agreement concluded between the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, and the mobilization of forces by the Iraqi Government towards Shengal.

Two deaths and 120 new cases of Covid– 19 in NE Syria  

Health Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has announced today the deaths of two cases of Covid- 19 Pandemic and the registration of 120 other new infections in north and east Syria.

PKK commemorated at Syrian capital Damascus

The Kurdish colony in the Syrian capital Damascus held an activity in commemoration of the 42nd of the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK, in which all participants confirmed the significant role played by the party to prove the actual reality of the Kurdish people fighting on the road to freedom. 

Two children injured by Turkish bombardment

Turkish Occupation Army and the affiliated mercenaries targeted civilian houses in the district of Ain Issa, with heavy weapons, that led to injuries of two children.

Kurdish colony in Lebanon commemorate PKK

The 43rd annual anniversary of the creation of Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK, was commemorated by Kurdish colony in Lebanon, in a ceremony held in the capital Beirut.

Afrin people: National Council is partner in committing crimes against us

A number of the displaced people of Afrin said that the silence of the representatives of the Kurdish National Council in the occupied territories about the crimes committed would make them accomplices in the crime, stressing that compassion for the killers of the martyr Havrin is outrageous.

Turkish Occupation Army targets al-Bab villages

Turkish Occupation Army and the affiliated mercenaries have extended their shelling after Tukhar in the liberated rural Manbij, to target some other villages in liberated al-Bab countryside. 

Afrin displaced ask ENKS: Why you put hands in murderers'?

The Afrin displaced ask those who claim patriotism – they mean the Kurdish National Council (ENKS), and they explained: “Have not you seen the shrines of the martyrs destroyed by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin? Why do you put your hands in the hands of your people's murderers, and visit the graves of the killers of Havrin Khalaf?”