In the spirit of July 19, we will defeat terrorism, liberate Afrin

Under the slogan "With the spirit of 19 July, we will defeat the occupation and ensure Democratic Autonomous Administration," a mass rally of thousands of Afrin residents began today by the 7th anniversary of Rojava revolution in Serdem camp in al-Shahba canton.

MSD blesses July 19, calls on Syrian people to unite against occupying powers

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) congratulated the people of northern and eastern Syria on the anniversary of the July 19 revolution and called on all free democratic forces and the components of the Syrian people to unite in the face of the ambitions of the occupying regional powers.

On July 19, YPG commemorate martyrs, renew pledge to protect gains of revolution

On the occasion of the anniversary of the July 19 Revolution, the People's Protection Units (YPG) commemorated the sacrifices of the "martyrs who enlightened the way with their sacrifices, and renewed the pledge that "our forces will remain fully committed to their responsibilities and we will continue to protect the gains of our revolution.”

PKK: People of Kurdistan proud of victory of 19 July Revolution

The PKK Executive Committee celebrated the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution and said, “All our people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad are proud to have accomplished a revolutionary move such as the Rojava Freedom Revolution.”

Kidnapping continues in occupied Afrin

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped a number of the civilians from Afrin canton and took them to unknown places, in addition, the mercenaries recruited some youth and forced them to go to the fronts.

 Turkish reconnaissance planes hover over Girê Spi

At this moment, three Turkish reconnaissance planes hover over the skies of the city of Girê Spi / Tel Abyad, in conjunction with the entry of several military armored vehicles to the city of Akcakale opposite the city of Girê Spi from Bakur Kurdistan.

PYD's Organization held its 1st conference

Today, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Organization in Girê Spî Canton held its first conference under the slogan "With Determination and Organization we will Liberate Afrin, Build a Democratic Decentralized Syria" and conclude with the election of an administrative council for its office in the canton.

Kobani: Thousands protest against Turkish threats

Massive crowds of Syrian people have gathered in the the Free Women's Square in the center of Kobani city for denouncing of the Turkish threats against the areas of north and east of Syria, condemning of the international silence.

4 regime forces' soldiers killed in Daraa

4 soldiers were killed in the army of the Syrian regime and wounded 14 others, on Wednesday, when explosive device exploded in their bus in al-Dahiya neighborhood in the city of Daraa.