He who sacrifices life, does not give up dignity

The people of Girkê Legê said that the people of Kurdistan have proved to the whole world that they can sacrifice themselves, refrain from food and set fire to their bodies, but not abandon their dignity and principles.

Afrin notables: Turkey changes Afrin demographically, where is the Syrian state?

The dignitaries and notables of Afrin expressed their dissatisfaction with the failure of the Syrian regime to take a stance towards the Turkish occupation effort to divide and occupy its territories, in reference to the partition wall, which the Turkish occupation continues to construct in Afrin.

Saleh Muslim: Moscow behind retreat of political solution in Syria

The head of external relations of the Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim told Bloomberg America that Russia had a very negative role in the failure of the Syrian Kurds to obtain their rights in Syria, saying that "the Russians" are negotiating a deal behind the scenes with Turkey.

How will Syrian refugees be repatriated?

Berîvan Khalid said that the process of returning the displaced "will include women and children, relying on the guarantees of tribal sheikhs in the area."

People of Afrin: Occupation wall will not break our will

The people of Afrin living in the semi-destroyed buildings and camps of al-Shahba assereted that the Turkish occupation wall and its mercenaries by building such wall in Afrin canton will not break their will in liberating Afrin , they demanded the Syrian regime and all the concerned parties to act aginst thes practices.

Al-Raqqa clans: Turkey is incubator to mercenaries, Afrin is an integral part of Syria

The elders and dignitaries of the city of al-Raqqa considered that the presence of the Turkish occupation in Syrian territory is illegal and considered it an attack on the sanctity of the neighborhood, and stressed that the tribesmen will stand before any aggression on the Syrian territories, because Afrin is an integral part of Syria.

"Euphrates Shield" mercenaries threaten farmers' crops west of Kobani

The mercenaries of the "Euphrates Shield" belonging to the Turkish occupation army stationed in the Syrian city of Jarablus north of the country launched a number of mortar shells on the western villages of the city of Kobani, which threatened setting fire to agricultural crops, which are the source of income of the people.