Turkey busy with demographic change amid Covid-19 outbreak

In the series of Turkish occupation crimes of  demographic change in the occupied  areas in northern Syria, Turkey sent 19 buses to the cities of Girê Spî /Tal Abyad and Serêkaniyê /Ras Al Ain with hundreds of mercenary groups families on board to house them in the homes of the region's forcibly displaced people.

People's Municipality of Qamishlo is making great efforts to keep the city clean

The People's Municipality in Qamishlo is making great efforts to maintain the cleanliness of the city, to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases, and is now seeking to isolate and deport the garbage from the campus of the Jejuq River that produces unpleasant odors during the summer, and appealed to the people not to throw garbage into the river.

IED exploded in occupied Afrin

An IED was detonated in a fuel truck in the Afrin canton center, resulted in material damage

Brutal attack against historical Yazidi cemetery

​​​​​​​The historical Yazidi cemetery in Turkey has been exposed to much destruction, where the Yazidi communities condemn the brutal practices against the cemetery, demanding from Turkish state to bring the perpetrators to justice