​​​​​​​“Leader guided us to the freedom”

Members of the Martyr Genghis Neighborhood Council in the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Aleppo denounced the strict isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and affirmed that his idea guided them to freedom.

​​​​​​​Families of Imrali detainees apply for visit

The brother of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the brothers of the other detainees in Imrali submitted a request to the Office of the Republican Public Prosecutor in the Turkish city of Bursa and the Imrali Prison Directorate, in order to meet with their families.

Researcher confirms that the runoff it will be difficult

A researcher in Turkish affairs confirms that the battle in the second round of the Turkish presidential elections will be very difficult, and he said: "I expect that the opposition will win new votes and the difference with Erdogan will be narrowed, and a surprise may occur with Kılıçdaroğlu 's victory in the battle."