​​​​​​​HPG kills 21 Turkish occupation soldiers

The People’s Defense Forces confirmed the killing of 21 Turkish occupation soldiers, hitting a Skorsky helicopter, and the destruction of a military site, a bulldozer, a military vehicle in retaliation operations carried out against the Turkish occupation army.

Samira Mobaied confirms that Damascus- Ankara seeks in foiling of establishing modern Syria

Asserting that the interests of Syrians were absent from these "bargains" aimed at "stabilizing gains on Syrian territory", the Syrian politician Samira Mobaied pointed out that the Governments of the region, including Damascus and Ankara, were harmonious in their efforts to eradicate any nucleus for the establishment of the modern State of Syria.

​​​​​​​FSP warns of malicious Turkish plans to empty region

 Politicians in northern and eastern Syria confirmed that the Turkish occupation state has recently escalated its own war against northern and eastern Syria, by opening its borders to young people and facilitating unsafe corridors for them through the smuggling mafias that it supports with the aim of emptying the region of young people, stressing, "We will not yield to the will of the Turkish occupation.  Resistance is our way.