Al-Monitor: Kurds continue hunger strike in Turkey

A mass hunger strike in Turkey has entered a critical stage. Despite a recent gesture by Ankara, the strikers, mostly Kurdish inmates, have refused to end the protest launched to denounce the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Saudi Arabia warns Saudis against investing in Turkey

The Head of the Department of Commerce Chamber in Riyadh, Ajlan al-Ajlan, warned Saudis against investing in Turkey because of "investment and security risks", stressing that what the Saudis are exposed to in Turkey as investors and tourists will lose confidence in Turkish investment and tourism for many years to come.

Nordic Monitor: Turkey released most IS, al-Qaeda elements

Secret intelligence documents published by the Swedish website of Nordic Monitor revealed the release of Erdogan's regime of the majority of foreign fighters arrested in Turkey between 2014 and 2016 on suspicion of their terrorist activity.

Putin meets Pompeo

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his meeting with the US Secretary of State Tuesday in Sochi: "We seek to normalize the full relations with Washington."

12 Palestinians arrested in West Bank

On Monday morning, Israeli army arrested 12 Palestinians during the campaign of arrests in the West Bank, while the army opened fire at Gaza fishermen and farmers during their work.