Move in southern Syria, and explosions worsen Afghan situation

As-Suwayda Governorate, southern Syria, is witnessing a political and social movement to discuss the future of their governorate and the whole of southern Syria, in conjunction with the anticipation of an escalation in Daraa, while the bombardment at Kabul Airport worsened the situation in Afghanistan, and the government formation crisis in Lebanon is still faltering.

​​​​​​​Expert on Islamic movements, international terrorism: IC is involved in ISIS' existence

An expert in the affairs of Islamic movements and international terrorism linked the issue of the final defeat of ISIS mercenaries to the need to provide international support for the Autonomous Administration and curb Turkish attacks that impede efforts to combat ISIS remnants, but he expressed his disappointment due to the international community's bias towards Turkey which supports ISIS.

​​​​​​​US devotes to Moscow and Beijing 

The withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan and Iraq effectively marks the end of a historic 20 - year chapter, in order to devote itself to the Chinese dragon (economically) and Russian bear (militarily), but it unleashed the hands of Tehran and Ankara to become the dominant power in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and even Afghanistan as a result of its wrong policies towards the peoples of the region.