Al-Mismari announces air embargo over Tripoli, observing ISIS brought to Libya by Turkey

The Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, speaking on behalf of the Libyan National Army, announced the monitor of a number of ISIS mercenaries who had infiltrated to the south, likely that Turkey had brought them, and announced at the same time the activation of the air embargo over Tripoli entirely, especially over Mitiga Airport.

UN Envoy to Libya: I have something to question Erdogan for

Ghassan Salama, the United Nations special envoy to Libya, confirmed that during the Berlin conference, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged not to send troops or mercenaries to Libya, adding, "I have something to question Erdogan for."

Iraq .. Protests and wide roads blockage

Iraqi cities are witnessing massive protests accompanied by security incidents and road blockages, in response to the call of the popular movement in Iraq to escalate today.

EU reduces financial aid to Turkey

The European Union is readying to cease 75% of the financial aid it provides to Turkey due to its drillings east of the Mediterranean Sea as well as its military intervention in Syria.

Aqila Saleh: Turkey is part of problem in Libya, aims to impose the Brotherhood

Aqila Saleh, the head of the Libyan Parliament said that the international community is certain of the failure of the Accord Government, and stressed that Turkey is part of the problem, not part of the solution in Libya, explaining that the Libyan people do not accept Turkey's threat and will defend their country.