​​​​​​​Sources: Egypt holds on to conditions it placed on Turkey

Sources revealed that Cairo is committed to handing over the elements required from Turkey, explaining that Cairo is in the stage of assessing and monitoring the implementation of the conditions it has set to restore relations with Ankara, while Turkish intelligence has instructed Turkish officials not to attack Egypt.

Biden and Putin discuss relations, various regional, global issues

The White House announced today that US President Joe Biden made a phone call with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during which they discussed closely the relations between the two countries and various regional and global issues, in addition to the two countries' intentions to conduct a dialogue on strategic stability.

Rights report: 23 students killed in Turkey in four years

A human rights report revealed that more than 3,000 students have been subjected to violations while exercising their freedom of expression and assembly; in addition to that, 23 students have been killed during meetings and demonstrations in which they participated in four years.

High-ranking official visits Tel Aviva

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Israel, Sunday, on an official visit, the first of a high-ranking official in the US President's administration, Joe Biden, to Tel Aviv, to discuss a number of issues of common interest, along with Iran's activities in the Middle East region.

European conditions on Damascus, Egypt stops negotiations with Turkey

European countries stipulated to open a dialogue with Damascus that they take proper steps in the right direction, while Al-Nahda Dam negotiations failed again, as well as Egypt stopped negotiations with Turkey due to the latter's delay in implementing the demands.

Despite the talks … IAEA unveils a new violation of Iran

A report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on Friday, indicated a new Iranian violation of the nuclear deal that Tehran concluded with world powers, on the same day that those countries met to renew the agreement, which will likely increase tension with Western governments.