US senators push for sanctions on Turkey

Bipartisan members of the US Senate have called for serious consideration of reports of Turkey's violation of the ceasefire in northern and eastern Syria, and to respond with tough sanctions.

Russian letters to Europe and regional bodies on Syria, bloody events in the demonstrations in Iraq

Russia is striving for the success of the work of the (Constitutional Committee) and the Sochi agreement, where criticized the language of the wooden system, while Russian experts felt that Moscow is willing to hold a dialogue to reach an agreement that could change the Syrian political system to a federal, while the demonstrations expanded in Iraq and Lebanon Bloody violence.

Brett McGurk: Baghdadi was targeted in an area with dozens of Turkish military positions

Brett McGurk said that Baghdadi was targeted just a few miles from the Turkish border, and in Idlib, where there are dozens of Turkish military sites.He pointed out that Idlib has become the largest terrorist sanctuary in the world and said that the Al-Qaeda branch in Idlib enjoys symbiotic relations with Turkish-backed mercenaries.

Erdogan's adventure prompted him to seek a lifeline, Iraqis prepare to demonstrate again

Observers saw Erdogan's acceptance of Pence and his agreement to halt attacks on northern and eastern Syria reveal the extent of the difficulties he is living on because of adventure, which leads him to seek a lifeline in any initiative, whether from the United States or Russia, while the UN envoy to Yemen Griffith spoke about A glimmer of hope to resolve the crisis, as Iraqi demonstrators prepare to take to the streets again next week.