Al-Tabqa youth stress resisting Turkey's attempts to divide Syria

A number of al-Tabqa youth said they rejected the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories and the violations committed by the occupation in Afrin canton, stressing the continuation of the struggle until Turkey would be expelled from all the territories it occupied.

Al-Tabqa's Youth continue its sit-in

Dozens of young people of al-Tabqa and the Union of Young Women continue their sit-in, in protest against the violations of Turkish occupation in Syrian territory and the construction of the occupation wall in Afrin.

Race in which dozens of Manbij students participate

The Sport Union, in coordination with the Education Committee, organized on Wednesday a race for school students for all levels of study and all age groups, including females - males.

Youth of Aleppo: Prisons resistance is symbol of victory, we to continue struggle

A number of youth in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood condemned the isolation imposed by the Justice and Development Government on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan. The youth also denounced the negligence of international humanitarian organizations and stressed the need to support the resistance of hunger strikers.

1st marathon started in al-Tabqa

Under the slogan "Peace to Leyla Guven" and under the auspices of the Sports Union the Committee of Youth and Sports in al-Tabqa organized yesterday the first annual championship of the marathon open in al-Tabqa with the participation of a number of athletes in the region.