PYD's youth ends march for Ocalan

The youth of the Democratic Union Party concluded the 4-hour and 13 km march to call for verifying the health of the leader Abdallah Ocalan.

AL-Hasakah youth: No one cannot undermine our free will that granted by Ocalan

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in al-Hasakah city confirmed that the Turkish occupation cannot undermine the free will of the Young people that has been granted by Ocalan's leader to them, and they will continue to continue their activities till obtaining information about Ocalan 's status.

Al-Hasaka Youth: Parties concerned must check on Ocalan's health

The Movement of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth in al-Hasaka city called on the parties concerned to move and approve the request to meet Abdullah Ocalan by his lawyers to verify his health. They confirmed their intention to continue their activities  until Ocalan's health is known.

Youths' night demo calls on revealing Ocalan's status

Hundreds of youths in al-Darbsia district, Al Hasaka canton  marched in a night demonstration, holding torches, and called on revealing the health and safety of the leader, Abdallah Ocalan, after a fire on the island of Imrali was reported.

Ain Issa youth: We to not remain silent on any harm affects Ocalan

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Ain Issa district called for revealing the health status of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and emphasized the youth's unification against Erdogan's ambitions and his conspiracies against the Syrian people.