Women maintained their authenticity resisting disintegration

Women who were not affected by the environment and criticism which they were subjected to and resisted the fusion and disintegration policies that threatened their Kurdish culture and identity, and inherited the traditional costumes from their mothers and inherited them to their children rejecting the modernity.

Step to develop music , preserve heritage

The Martyr Yekita Hergul Academy for Culture and Art in Tirbespiyê district completed a course for music education in which 16 trainees participated during a celebration.

Afrin children: We will return to our land

15 children from Afrin expressed, through 110 drawings and manual works, what Afrin witnessed of aggression by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries, highlighting the culture of the people of the region. They said, "We will transfer our culture from generation to generation and the enemies will not be able to erase it."

Films in action will reveal reality into concrete image

A story embodies the scenario of a short documentary talks about a child from Afrin was displaced and has enforced to overcome the difficulties to reach the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in search of his dreams.

From under destruction double efforts to create conscious generation

The most important thing for a people when it is displaced from its homeland is food and shelter, but in al-Shahba it is different because the people of Afrin create hope and life from nothing, including the opening of the Library of the Age to raise awareness challenging the occupation force

YPJ victories inspired him to draw a painting of a democratic Syria

The victories of Women's Protection Units(YPJ) fighters against mercenaries inspired him to draw a painting suggestive of democratic Syria. The sculptor and painter Jamal Abdel Salam, who faced many an atrocity by Daesh, said he saw the coexistence in Rojava and the north-eastern regions of Syria.