Books exhibition opened with 2,000 books 

The books exhibition, organized by the training committee of Ad-Derbasiya district in al-Hasakah canton, was launched today, presenting more than 2,000 different books.

In memory of revolution ... revolutionary art, its levels of influence

During the revolutionary years in Rojava, the artistic side played a prominent role in reviving the social and national spirit of the society, but its levels of influence have varied over the course of the seven years. What has happened to the contemporary musical system in Kobani.

"One must be proud of their traditional attire"

Ahmed Al-Shit explained that pride in identity means pride in one's customs and traditions. It is not enough for a person to be proud of their identity, but to be proud of the customs and traditions. This came during the second day of the first exhibition of folkloric attire in Hasakah.

Kurdish youth conference's activities in Rojava initiated

The Kurdish Youth in Rojava launched its second conference under the slogan "To End the Occupation and Liberation of Kurdistan, the Kurdish Youth Uprising", in the presence of 270 representatives of the youth of 17 parties of the Kurdish political parties in Rojava, and 4 Kurdish youth organizations.

Khalil: Art, Culture movement represents of revolution soul

A member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Ildar Khalil said that the Movement of Culture and Art played a prominent role in promoting the social revolution, noting that the fact of art and culture is represented by the commitment to represent and embody the memory of the martyrs.

Girl in al-Shahba singing in 5 languages

Mufidah Hamdi, aged 13, is proficient in singing in more than one language besides her mother tongue; she is fluent in Kurdish, Arabic, Hindi, Persian and Syriac

Project to develop talents in Manbij

Culture and Art Center in Manbij and its countryside launched a talent development project, including the creation of a musical ensemble.

Al-Qarabashi House opened  in al-Hasakah

In order to revive and spread Syriac art and culture, the Syrian Syriac Cultural Association in Syria, Hasaka branch, opened Abdul Masih Al-Qarabashi House.

KCK congratulates Kurdish Language Day

The Training Committee in Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) congratulated the Kurdish Language Day and called on the Kurdish people to work for the preservation and development of Kurdish culture and language throughout the year. It also called on everyone to learn Kurdish language and use it in all fields of life.