Ocalan's photos exhibition opened in Tal Hamis

Under the patronage of the Culture and Art Center in Tal Hamis, the photo exhibition of the Kurdish People's Leader, Abdullah Ocalan, was opened today by the artist Hussein Ali, which lasts for 3 days.

Kobanî International Film Festival quested to consolidate culture of resistance

Kobanî International Film Festival enters on its second day after it was launched on Tuesday in Kobanî north of Syria. What will the festival look like? Why Kobanî was chosen for it? And what does it aim at in the framework of the attack on the area by Turkey, especially in the past few weeks?

Activities of Kobanî International Film Festival started

"Kobanî International Film Festival " started, with the participation of filmmakers and musicians from different countries. The first day of the festival was limited to introducing the festival committees to attend and prepare photos for their presentation tomorrow.

"Martyr Hogir" Festival reached al-Hasakah

After the end of its activities in the Euphrates region, the city's sports playground in Al-Hasakah, northern Syria, witnessed the fourth festival of the "Martyr Hogir" for Culture and Art of the Tigris and Euphrates which was organized by Rojava Youth Union.

Soon…Kobani International Films Festival

The commune of Rojava film is preparing for holding Kobani International Festival for Films in Kobani canton with the participation of 80 films.

Her return to art is of liberation's achievements

The young artist Fatima al-Sulaiman has been able to return to practice her hoppy which she has learned since childhood, sculpture which is considered an achievement of the liberation's achievements.