Al-Qarabashi House opened  in al-Hasakah

In order to revive and spread Syriac art and culture, the Syrian Syriac Cultural Association in Syria, Hasaka branch, opened Abdul Masih Al-Qarabashi House.

KCK congratulates Kurdish Language Day

The Training Committee in Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) congratulated the Kurdish Language Day and called on the Kurdish people to work for the preservation and development of Kurdish culture and language throughout the year. It also called on everyone to learn Kurdish language and use it in all fields of life.

Martyr Mizgin commemorated in Kobani

The Baki Khaddu Center for Culture and Art in the city of Kobani commemorated the martyr, Gurbet Aydin (Mizgin) on her 27th martyrdom at a ceremony.

Intellectuals: IS defeated, IS' ideology must be eradicated 

Al-Jazeera region's intellectual have congratulated all peoples of liberating of the IS' last strongholds in north and east of Syria, and the intellectuals have urged to redoubled efforts at this stage and to educate the people to end extremist ideas planted by Daesh among the people of the region.

Kobani, Girê Spî cantons get ready for Newroz celebrations

Kobani and Girê Spî cantons in the Euphrates region are preparing for the celebration of Newroz this year. According to the supervising committees, the artistic bands have finished their preparations and the ISF continue to secure the celebrations.

Afrin's children perform songs about Afrin tragedy , international plot against Ocalan

The children of Afrin express by the lyrics by the artist Ferhad Aloush on the extent of pain suffered by the attacks of the Turkish occupation on their city and displacement of their homes, stressing  that their songs would  continue the resistance and adherence to the land of Afrin until liberation, in addition to denouncing the plot waged against the leader Ocalan.

Olive Convey launches in Kobani

The Intellectuals Union in Kobani canton announced the start of the Olive Convoy in the city of Kobani, in a statement followed by planting of olive trees in the city of Kobani and adjacent areas.

3 Documentaries on resistance of Afrin, crimes of occupation screened in Aleppo

The Intellectuals Union of Afrin and in coordination with the center of "Jamil Horo" For Culture and Art in Aleppo, presented three feature and short documentaries reveal the crimes and violations of the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin, in addition to show the resistance of the people of Afrin in the face of Turkish aggression during the first phase of the resistance.

Afrin children: We will return to our land

15 children from Afrin expressed, through 110 drawings and manual works, what Afrin witnessed of aggression by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries, highlighting the culture of the people of the region. They said, "We will transfer our culture from generation to generation and the enemies will not be able to erase it."

Films in action will reveal reality into concrete image

A story embodies the scenario of a short documentary talks about a child from Afrin was displaced and has enforced to overcome the difficulties to reach the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in search of his dreams.