Most dangerous Turkish game" ..title of sposium aimed at showing truth of Turkish crimes

 The Directorate of Antiquities in the Autonomous Administration of Afrin organized a seminar entitled "The destruction and theft of human cultural heritage in Afrin... the most dangerous Turkish game", with the aim of conveying the true picture of the crimes of the Turkish occupation against the culture and history of occupied Afrin.

'Kurds' Notables' covers lives of 24 Kurdish personages

Kurds' Notables is a history book co-authored by Bahjet Ahmed and Narine Umar that sheds light on the lives of some 24 Kurdish personages that played major roles in the Kurdish, Eastern and World literatures.

Afrin Antiquities Directorate denounces Turkish shelling of Kaluta Castle

The Antiquities Directorate of Afrin region denounced the Turkish occupation state's targeting, with artillery, the archaeological Kaluta Castle in Sherawa district, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it appealed to the Security Council and the relevant organizations to stop Turkish violations with regard to archaeological sites.