Journalists of NE Syria: No one can silence free voice

Male and female journalists from NE Syria slammed the attack on Stêrk TV and Medya Haber satellite channels, and noted that it was a planned policy to silence free voices.

Journalists of NE Syria: No one can silence free voice
24 April 2024   10:11

On Monday-Tuesday night, Belgian police raided the Stêrk TV and Medya Haber satellite channels in the Belgian city. The raid was carried out without providing any explanation or reason. Furthermore, the workers of the two satellite channels were prevented from getting the studios throughout the night.

The attack angered male and female journalists in Kurdistan and NE Syria, denouncing the arbitrary policies targeting the Kurdish press.

Çira TV journalist, Zannar Jaafar said that the goals of this attack were to silence the voice of the truth and reality of the Kurdish people.

He pointed out: "In northern Kurdistan, male and female journalists are subjected to pressure and are arrested by the Turkish authorities. On the other hand, journalists are kidnapped in southern Kurdistan, just as journalist Suleiman Ahmed and now in Belgium, the Two Satellite Centers are being raided. All of these attacks are not a coincidence, but rather a joint policy to obliterate "The reality of the people and the restriction of the voice of the free press."

The member of the administrative body of the Women’s Media Union, Avin Ibrahim, also condemned the targeting, especially as it coincided with the 126th anniversary of Kurdish Press Day, stressing: “This indicates the continuation of arbitrary policies and attacks on the Kurdish press."

 “ Despite attacks on the Kurdish press, we will become more determined and stronger by pursuing our professional path.”

Ibrahim called on all journalists’ protection organizations to intervene and express their position regarding what journalists are exposed to.

As for Ronahi TV correspondent Judi Ali, she stated: “On the day we celebrate the 126th anniversary of the Kurdish press, we wake up to a tragedy committed by the Belgian authorities against the Sterk TV and Media Khabar centres. This attack aims at silencing the voice of the free press."

She continued: "Journalists and media professionals are the voice and will of this people, because they expose the policies of aggression against them. Here the goal is to obliterate the culture and identity of the Kurdish people."

She called on all male and female journalists to join hands and expose the attacks committed against them, saying: “We, the journalists of NE Syrian region will not submit to these policies, and we support the struggle of our male and female colleagues in northern Kurdistan and Belgium, and we will defeat all arbitrary policies aimed at suppressing the voice of free media.”