Joint Events Platform of NE Syria reveals March 8 activities

The joint events platform for women's movements and organizations in NE Syria announced the program of March 8, 2024.

Joint Events Platform of NE Syria reveals March 8 activities
Joint Events Platform of NE Syria reveals March 8 activities
24 February 2024   12:35

Under the slogan, “With the free will of women, we will end the policies of genocide, occupation, and isolation,” the joint activities platform for women’s movements and organizations in NE Syria announced today, through a statement, the program of activities for March 8 (International Women’s Day) for the year 2024.

The statement was read in three languages: Kurdish by Kongra Star spokeswoman Rehan Loqo, Arabic by the member of the Joint Events Platform for Women's Movements and Organizations, Khud Al-Ali, and Syriac by the member of the Syriac Women's Union, Sophia Youssef.

The program of events that began today (February 24) and will continue until next March 8 as follows:

* Decorate all areas in women’s colours, and hang the campaign’s logo at the entrances of cities.

* Holding expanded meetings for the people on women’s struggle.

* Giving lectures on March 8 in all villages, districts, towns and institutions.

* The Women’s Festival was held by the Hilal Zerin Movement and the Culture Authority on March 1 and 2.

* Holding a photo exhibition in Kobani.

* Setting up an artistic tent by the Hilal Zerin Movement, the Mesopotamia Democratic Culture and Art Movement.

* Visit the shrine of the martyrs and light candles on the shrines of the martyrs.

* Holding a direct dialogue forum with women’s movements via virtual networking sites.

* Planting trees and giving flowers to members of the Internal Security Forces - women.

* Organizing an exhibition of pictures of female martyrs and introducing their lives and struggles.

* Holding dialogue forum in Kobani, Ain Issa, Hasaka, Qamishlo and Raqqa on March 3.

* A dialogue lecture by the Women’s Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) across Syria on March 5.


* Opening a special course for men in all aspects over three days.

* Distributing brochures to introduce March 8th.

* Organizing central marches and heading to celebration squares in Qamishlo, Hasaka, Kobani, Shahba, Aleppo, Damascus, South Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Europe.

* Continuing the environmental campaign.

* Visiting detained women and giving them a lecture on the history of March 8.

* Launching a hashtag campaign on virtual social media sites.

* Organizing a central march on March 7, led by the Syriac Women’s Union.

* Organizing a workshop for women inside Syria on the importance of March 8 (International Women’s Day).”