Iraqi ISIS leader killed, 2 others arrested

The Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria eliminated an Iraqi ISIS leader and arrested two other mercenaries in the countryside of Hasakah Province.

Iraqi ISIS leader killed, 2 others arrested
24 November 2023   10:55

The Internal Security Forces Media Center revealed in the statement the details of the operation: “As a result of accurate information obtained by our security forces after follow-up and investigation operations about the movements of a terrorist , our special forces carried out a successful security operation on Thursday, November 23, with the support of the International Coalition, during which it was able to arrest two members of ISIS cells and kill a leader in the Al-Shaddadi countryside.

The forces' statement noted that the ISIS leader was killed as the forces responded to the fire that began targeting them during the operation.

the forces explained, “The emir of the cell holds Iraqi citizenship and the position of emir of zakat in the southern region of the terrorist ISIS organization, and he was planning to target a number of security points in the southern region.”

The forces seized weapons and ammunition used by the leader, namely (a Kalashnikov weapon, 8 Kalashnikov magazines, an explosive belt with a detonator, a hand grenade, and 2 military quivers).