Hunger strike in Turkish prisons enters 127th day

Hunger strike resistance launched by the activities of the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Kurdistan Women's Freedom Party entered the 127th day in a row, while the Turkish authorities are still ignoring their demands.

Hunger strike in Turkish prisons enters 127th day
1 April 2024   09:14

Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Kurdistan Women's Freedom Party (PAJK) activists in Turkish prisons continue their hunger strike to demand the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan for the 127th day.

A series of events began in northern Kurdistan and Turkey to support the global campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the political solution to the Kurdish issue,” which was launched on October 10, 2023, in 74 centers around the world, including the hunger strike in Turkish prisons on October 27. 2nd 2023.

The strike was scheduled to end on February 15, but strikers decided to extend it after the municipal elections in Turkey and North Kurdistan.

Different regions in Kurdistan and the world are witnessing many activities daily, supporting the hunger strikers, denouncing the policy of the Turkish occupation state regarding the strike and Imrali, and criticizing the silence of international powers and human rights organizations.