HPG unveils injuring 2 of our comrades in ambush by KDP forces

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) confirmed in a statement issued today that two of its fighters were injured in an ambush set up by gunmen affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK).

HPG unveils injuring 2 of our comrades in ambush by KDP forces
25 January 2024   16:24

The statement comes after the media reported yesterday, Wednesday, information attributed to sources in the People Defense Forces that there were casualties among its forces as a result of an ambush set up by Kurdistan Democratic Party militants.

Turkish occupation army attacks with banned explosives:

On January 23, the war trenches were bombed by a bomb-laden drone in the Resistance Square on Judi Hill in the Martyr Dalil area, west of Zap.

Turkish occupation army attacks:

From 21 to 25 January, Turkish warplanes bombed 13 times the Kafya Plain Square in Gare, 5 times the Dirkli, Seri Metina and Beyşil Squares in Metina, 5 times Loulan Valley and Senin Square in Khakurk, 3 times, and the Resistance Square on Bahar Hill in the Martyr District. West Zap Guide.

On January 24, a Turkish helicopter bombed the Khakurk area.

The areas of Zap, Martyr Dalil West Zap, Matina and Khakurk were subjected to artillery shelling.

Two of our forces were injured in an ambush by Kurdistan Democratic Party forces.

On January 24, at 11 o’clock, our forces were ambushed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) forces in the Sarkli area, with two vehicles heading to Amadiya Hill, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party forces opened fire on our forces with a Dushka, and accordingly, our forces got out of the two vehicles, responded to them, and turned around. A short battle. Meanwhile, Turkish reconnaissance planes entered the area and flew overhead. As a result of the Kurdistan Democratic Party forces firing, two of our comrades were injured. The two vehicles were also destroyed during the battle and remained in place. After that, Turkish warplanes intervened and bombed the two vehicles, and so it was. The course of events on the battlefield.

The statements of the Ministry of Interior are baseless and completely contrary to the truth

What the Ministry of Interior announced in this regard is baseless and completely contrary to the facts. The battle occurred because of the ambush that was set up for our forces. We are in a war against the Turkish occupation state that occupied Kurdistan, and it is shameful in such a situation for a Kurdish force to come before us and serve the occupation forces. We hope that such a situation will not be repeated again, and despite everything, we will continue our responsible positions.

T/ Satt.