HPG: ongoing operations against Turkish occupation

The People's Defense Forces revealed the outcome of 3 days of battles with the Turkish occupation army in Kurdistan.

HPG: ongoing operations against Turkish occupation
30 November 2023   18:07

 HPG's Media Center issued a statement to public opinion which stated,

* On November 27 at 18:00, our forces carried out a two-flank sniper operation against the Korhan police station in Igder, resulting in the killing of two Turkish soldiers.

* On November 28, at 06:30, 07:00, and 09:30, our forces targeted the occupation army in Judi Hill, when it began to move, with heavy and semi-automatic weapons, and directed strong strikes at the occupation site and stopped the enemy’s movements.

At 12:30, Free Women's Units fighters targeted the surveillance camera system in Judi Hill using sniper tactics, and resulted in its destruction.

At 21:00, our forces intervened in the movements of Turkish occupation helicopters in Judi Hill, and after the intervention, the helicopters were forced to withdraw from the area.

* On November 27, at 11:00, Free Women’s Units fighters targeted the Turkish occupation army in Martyr Kendal Square with semi-automatic weapons, and destroyed an occupation position.

Turkish occupation attacks with banned explosives, chemical gases, and booby-trapped drones:

* On November 27 and 28, Turkish bomb drones bombed the war trenches in the Jarjel area of Metina, 5 times.

* On November 28 and 29, the Turkish occupation army bombed the war trenches in the resistance square on Orti Hill in Metina with chemical gases and banned explosives 8 times.

Turkish occupation army attacks:

* On November 27, 28, and 29, warplanes bombed Rashid Hill Square in Ghari twice, Shilan Village Square in Heftanin twice, Shilazda Village Square in Metina twice, and Senin and Martyr Sharif Squares in Khakurk 6 times.

* On November 28, attack helicopters bombed the Khakurk area.

The areas of Zap, Martyr Dalil West Zap Metina and Khakurk were also subjected to artillery shelling.”