Hawar news agency plan ANHA 4/22/2024

Hawar news agency plan ANHA 4/22/2024
22 April 2024   02:00

Strengthening communities’ awareness of cultural assimilation policies has deepened the connection of the people of North and East Syria with the theses and ideas of Leader Abdullah Ocalan, and Raqqa’s intellectuals confirm that: “Our true understanding of Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s thought pushes us to reject all forms of domination and tyranny” (attached with video and photos)

The free media that began with the Serxwbun newspaper as a memory of the new era reverberates through the freedom struggle throughout Kurdistan and beyond, as the 126th anniversary of the Kurdish press arrives.

The women of the Euphrates canton confirmed that the Turkish state will not be able to break their will and strength with its attacks. (Video and photos attached)

The families of the young man, Ali Wali, who was handed over by Turkish soldiers to the mercenaries who tortured him and threatened to kill him, indicated that they had not received any news or information about their son yet, and they requested the help of human rights organizations to find him. (Video and photos attached)

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Raqqa canton began the second phase of rehabilitation work on the archaeological wall of Raqqa, with the aim of preserving its cultural history. (Video and photos attached)

In condemnation of the attacks of the "occupying" Turkish state, the people of the Euphrates canton go out in a massive demonstration starting from the Free Women's Square in the city of Kobani, at 11:00 (video and photos attached)

The people of Qamishlo go out in a massive march to the squares based on the call of the Popular Initiative Committee, which launched it to denounce the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on legitimate defense areas and to support the People 's Defense Forces. The march begins in front of the Sony roundabout at 11:00, and in the same context, the people of Amuda district go out in an hour march. 12:00. In the Jal Agha district, the march begins at 10:00 (video and photos attached).

The people of the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo are taking part in a demonstration to denounce the Turkish attacks on the MEtina Mountains. The demonstration will begin in front of the March 8 meeting hall at 15:00 (photos and video attached).

On the occasion of the 126th anniversary of the Kurdish press, the Free Media Union is organizing a celebration to distribute the martyr Mazloum Bakuk’s hard work awards, which will be held in the Mirland Hall in Qamishlo, at 18.30, (photos - video attached)

Under the slogan “Our land is a trust, let us preserve it,” the Environment Agency and the Zenobia Women’s Assembly Council are holding a dialogue symposium in the city of Raqqa, on the importance of the environment and the role of women in preserving it (video and photos attached).