Hawar news agency plan ANHA 4-26-2024

Hawar news agency plan ANHA 4-26-2024
26 April 2024   02:00

The social and popular circles in the cantons of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor denounced the absolute isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and stressed that their freedom passes through the leader’s physical freedom, and in order to gain it, they will escalate their struggle (attached with photos and video).

The Political Parties Affairs Committee granted a license to operate for three political parties in North and East Syria, and also extended the granted deadline that ended on April 1 (attached with photos and video).

Zozan Khalil saw how 16 mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state launched an attack on a citizen’s house, beating and insulting an elderly person, in addition to hearing about the crime of raping and killing a young woman in occupied Afrin (attached with photos and video).

The Sudanese war has entered its second year, leaving behind thousands of dead and wounded, and thousands of people stranded as a result of forced displacement and asylum in neighboring countries to escape the deadly war machine and search for a safer life away from the Holocaust whose fire they fought, especially women and children, who... They were subjected to dozens of violations, human trafficking, and sexual assaults at the hands of both sides of the conflict in the country (attached with photos).

-Under the slogan, “With the ecological approach, we will liberate Leader "APO" physically and find a solution to the Kurdish issue,” the Environmental Authority for the North and East Syria Region is organizing its first conference at Rojava University in the city of Qamishlo at 8:30 (photos and video attached).

The Young Women's Union in the Euphrates canton is organizing the "First Spring Festival" on the banks of the Euphrates River in Sarrin district at 11:00 (photos and video attached).