Hawar News Agency plan 6/11/2024

Hawar News Agency plan 6/11/2024
11 May 2024   02:00

Activists pointed out that women have achieved many achievements and gains through their struggle, and have changed the system through their unity globally. (Video and photos attached)

Today marks 32 years since the martyrdom of the revolutionary artist Mezgin, who, with her national revolutionary songs, stirred the conscience and aroused resolve, and through her stance, life, struggle, and revolution, she became a symbol of the free culture and art movement. Her memory is now eternal in the heart of every Kurd. (Video and photos attached)

The people of the city of Hasaka are experiencing a water crisis as a result of cutting off water by the Turkish occupation state (Video and photos attached)

Farmers on the contact lines fear that their crops will be targeted by the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries, and stressed that cultivating the land and clinging to it is resistance in the face of the occupiers. (Video and photos attached)

In most countries of the world, and in the Middle East in particular, women are experiencing a fierce struggle against the practices and crimes of the patriarchal capitalist system, which is governed by means of special tools of war. (Video and photos attached)

The Council of Families of Martyrs in the Euphrates Canton is organizing a ceremony in absentia for the Popular Mobilization Forces fighter, martyr Firas Artish, in the village of Khorkhri in the city of Kobani at 10:00 (video and photos attached)

The Baqi Khedo Center for Culture and Art and the Golden Crescent in the Euphrates Canton recall the martyr artist Mezgin through holding a ceremony in the hall of the Baqi Khedo Center for Culture and Art in the city of Kobani at 11:00 (video and photos attached)

The Culture and Art Movement in Afrin and Shahba canton remembers the artist Mezgin on the anniversary of her martyrdom, in the Mitan Hall in Al-Ahdath district of Shahba, at 14:00 (attached with video and photos).