Hawar news agency ANHA 4-28-2024

Hawar news agency ANHA 4-28-2024
28 April 2024   02:00

National figure Yunus Silo confirmed that Leader Abdullah Ocalan was able to analyze reality and predict future changes (attached with photos and video).

The conflict is raging between the Turkish state and its mercenaries on the one hand, and between the mercenaries themselves on the other hand, in the areas occupied by Turkey in Syria. Therefore, the latter seeks to restructure and organize these mercenaries, but its opponents in this regard are many (photos and video attached).

Iraqi sources revealed that the signing of a draft security agreement between Turkey and Iraq was included in the items on the visit’s agenda, but it was postponed indefinitely and only an understanding was reached to form a security committee to deepen the study of the agreement, after the emergence of opposition positions among the Iraqi forces, while media outlets confirmed that Egypt had presented An initiative by Tel Aviv based on freezing the invasion of the city of Rafah, in exchange for restarting negotiations (attached with pictures).

The Martyrs' Families Council holds a memorial ceremony for the martyrs of March and April in the town of Hajin in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, at 10:00 (photos and video attached).

The Authority for Culture and Antiquities in Raqqa Canton opens the plastic art exhibition under the slogan “The Birth of Nature” in the plastic art hall in the Cultural Center, at 10:00, and the exhibition will continue for three days (photos and video attached).

The Union of Intellectuals in Raqqa, in coordination with the Cultural Center in Raqqa, is organizing a memorial service for the writer Fawzia Al-Mar’i at the Raqqa Cultural Center at 12:00 (photos and video attached).

The activities of the Diwan of Literature in the North and East Syria region, within the Literature Week, will continue on its second day, at the Ain Diwar Hotel in the city of Derik in the Jazira canton, at 17:00 (photos and video attached).