Zirus is threat to agricultural season in al-Hasakah canton

Many agricultural lands in al-Hasakah canton were damaged due to the heavy rains and humidity that contributed to the spread of Zirus worm. The farmers demanded from the Plant Production Branch to distribute the fertilizers to them, on the basis of paying its price after harvesting the crop.


 Agriculture is the main resource for the people of al-Hasakah, but this year the region has experienced heavy rainfall affected the agricultural land and significantly, the main cause of damage is the spread of Zirus worm due to rain and excessive humidity.

In this context, Hawar news agency met some peasants in the villages. "This year because of the excessive humidity, the Zirus worm has spread in agricultural land. Now we are feeding the sheep in the land to reduce the damage of the worm on the ground," the farmer Shahin Muhammad said.

The farmer Walat Hussien said "We demand the Plant Production Branch to distribute fertilizer to farmers, and we will pay the price after we get the crop,"

The head of the Plant Production Branch in al-Hasakah canton, Saleh Mohammed, pointed out that the main reasons of Zirus Spread is the excessive humidity in the soil, and in order to get rid of the worm, farmers must cultivate deep soil, spray cold fertilizer that reduces the spread of the worm, or burn and dispose of the remains of previous crops to ensure that the crop is not damaged in the next season.

He added "We distribute seed, fertilizer and guidance to farmers, and we do the necessary disclosures to solve farmers' problems.



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