Zelal Cîger: If Kurds do not decide their fate at current stage, they not to be able to do so in future

The Co-Chair of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Zelal Cîger, said that the Kurdish community's call to escalate the struggle against fascism and the occupation came at a time when the threat of the Turkish state to the region and the Kurdish people in particular increased, and confirmed their readiness to do everything that falls upon them.

This came during an interview conducted by our agency with the Co-Chair of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Zelal Cîger, about the campaign launched by the Kurdistan Community Union (KCK), which bore the title "Stop Isolation, Fascism and Occupation, It Is Time for Freedom."

The dialogue included:

How do you evaluate the statement issued by the Kurdistan Community Union regarding the Turkish occupation attacks?

We look positively at the statement of the Kurdistan Community Union regarding the attacks on the region. There is a need to unite the ranks in Bakur, Başûr, and Rojhilat Kurdistan to work against the Turkish occupation. As everyone knows that the Turkish government led by Erdogan is trying to restore the reign of the Ottomans again in the region, and we see this openly on the ground, as Turkey expanded its roots in all Arab and Kurdish countries.

Turkey is now adopting the Ottoman policy clearly, Libya is a good example of this, and on this basis the statement of the Kurdistan Society Union made clear the danger of the Turkish state's steps on the Middle East and Kurdistan, and the return of Turkish policies to divide the Arab countries, just as Turkey divided Kurdistan into four parts previously.

Turkey, through its attacks, is trying to implement the Millî  Pact in the region once again, meaning the occupation of the area between Dêrik to Aleppo and from Zakho to Kirkuk and Mosul, so we, the Kurds in northern and eastern Syria, look positively at the Kurdistan Community Union and we will take the necessary measures in this regard.

The statement touched on all parts of Kurdistan, including Rojava, so what is the importance of this statement at this stage in general, and Rojava in particular?

As everyone knows, the regions of Rojava witnessed violent confrontations on all levels, and during these years we were able to implement the democratic nation project which is based on the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the Autonomous Administration was able to establish itself as an administration that can manage the affairs of the region.

The Turkish state, with the aim of eliminating the gains of the people, attacked several times the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and for this reason, the Kurdistan Community Union issued a warning to the people of Rojava and northeastern Syria to preserve its identity and confront any aggression targeting the region.

The Kurds in Rojava were able to effectively prove their identity through their heroic resistance against terrorist groups and sacrificed thousands of martyrs from Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs, and they were able to reach the democratic nation project through the consolidation of the peoples' fraternity among the people of the region and preserved the gains of the revolution.

The Turkish state today is targeting the democratic nation's project, especially the fraternity of brothers in the northern and eastern regions of Syria, through the use of some parties or even through a special media war. Therefore, the slogan we raise "It Is Time to Protect the Revolution and End the Occupation" will be a basis for us in Rojava because we already were able to implement the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and we will continue to resist on this basis.

In your opinion, what prompted the Kurdish community to issue such a statement at this stage?

The statement of the Kurdistan Community Union came at this time as a result of the increasing danger of the Turkish state to the region, especially that it wants to divide and separate the Kurds, and everyone realizes that the Kurds in the four parts of Kurdistan are divided, so it wants to spread the division among them as well.

We can say that there is a division in Başûr Kurdistan between Behdinan and the Suran line, at the same time there is a split between the Kurds in Rojhilat (eastern Kurdistan), and in Rojava, there are also differences between the Kurdish National Council in Syria and other parties.

We notice in Başûr Kurdistan also there are differences among the people, who stand by the Kurdistan Democratic Party and those who stand by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

The Turkish state, in order not to unify the Kurdish forces under one umbrella, is playing by all means not to achieve the hope of the Kurdish people, and we all know that the leader Abdullah Ocalan always called in his meetings for the unification of Kurdish visions.

The campaign to unify the Kurdish ranks that was launched in Rojava Kurdistan came for the sake of dispersal of the Kurdish parties represented by the national unity parties and the Kurdish National Council in Syria. The statement of the Kurdistan Community Union came to fulfill the demands of the leader Abdullah Ocalan when he said that all Kurds in the four parts of Kurdistan must hold the Kurdish National Conference and represent the Kurds throughout the world. Now, we are facing a decisive  stage, with the resistance and the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs, we were able to prove the existence of the Kurdish people, and to confirm that the Kurdish unity derived from the thought and philosophy of the leader Ocalan will achieve the Kurds' existence and affiliation.

What is required of the Kurdish community in general, and Rojava in particular, regarding the Union's call for uprising?

The demands of the Kurdistan Community Union (KCK) at this time came to unify the Kurds wherever they are, and to realize the danger of this stage on the Kurds. The Turkish state is now fighting under the name of World War III, as it has the green light to do what it wants, being a member of NATO, and this matter authorizes it to act whatever it wants.

What is required from the Kurdish people is to advocate this campaign, and the statement of the Kurdistan Community  Union came to awaken the Kurds, and this for us is a valuable gain, as the freedom of the leader is our freedom, and we must go out to the squares of all components of the Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs and say with one voice, "No to the Turkish occupation."

Therefore, we must support this campaign with our activities, and we must participate in it with full force, whether in Rojava or in northern and eastern Syria, and currently the various components of the region are participating in it, not the Kurds alone, the whole region of "Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs" are participants through different activities. Everyone started raising his voice against the Turkish occupation, and with one shouting they are calling today: "No to the Turkish occupation, yes to the freedom of the leader Apo, our gains must be preserved."

In fact, in the north and east of Syria, we have a great and historic responsibility in order to counter the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

Therefore, all of us in northern and eastern Syria have to stand together to end the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands, and not be satisfied with liberating some areas in northern and eastern Syria only. Yes, one of our priorities is the liberation of Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Afrin, but we will not accept but the liberation of all Syrian lands and expelling the Turkish occupation, including "Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz, and Idlib," and this will only be achieved through the resistance of the united people."

Some Kurdish parties ignore the sensitivity of the stage and its danger, while others are cooperating with the enemy against their people. In your opinion, what is the reason for these stances, and how should the Kurdistan Community deal with them?

The closeness of many political parties in the government of Başûr Kurdistan, including the Kurdistan Democratic Party, towards what the Kurdish people are exposed to is a position of condemnation and denunciation. The position of the parties in Başûr Kurdistan should be stronger than it is, and the suffering of the Kurdish people today stems from the position of those parties, especially the position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

 We see today that the Turkish occupation occupies the lands of Başûr Kurdistan under the pretext of fighting PKK in front of those parties, and what supports this occupation is the government of Başûr Kurdistan led by the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Even in northern and eastern Syria, when the Turkish occupation attacks the regions of northern and eastern Syria, those same parties support through their statements Turkey's pretexts. The silence that controls these parties regarding what the Kurdish people are exposed to in the region and their cooperation with the occupation is nothing but treachery, and it is an expression of commercial cooperation at the expense of their people and the blood of the people, and those parties must abandon these actions, especially the parties in Başûr Kurdistan.

It is also imperative for all political parties in Bakur Kurdistan, Rojhilat, Rojava and Başûr to unify the stance against the Turkish occupation, and take a firm stance on what the Turkish occupation is doing against the peoples of Kurdistan.

  We see in Başûr Kurdistan, when the people rise up, the security forces intervene with instructions from the government of Başûr to stop the people's uprising, arresting everyone who organizes uprisings and protests, and putting them in prisons, as every journalist seeks to show the facts are put in the detention centers.

In the event of  the failure to respond, and silence about what the occupiers commit in the four parts of Kurdistan, especially what is happening in Rojava and Başûr Kurdistan by the Turkish occupier, what will be the fate of the Kurds in the next century and the future?

There is silence about the violations and attacks of the Turkish occupation on northern and eastern Syria and Başûr Kurdistan by the government of Iraq and Syria and world public opinion, and this shows that if the Kurdish people do not prove their existence, they will not be able to gain world opinion.

I can say that we were able to some extent gain the world opinion, regarding the situation in Rojava, north and east Syria through the resistance of Kobane, Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Girê Spî, thus we assured the world that the Kurdish people will not take a step back and prove our existence, while we try to ensure the achievements and gains we have achieved.

But there is silence about the attacks on Heftanin and the villages of Başûr Kurdistan, in addition to the Turkish state building of dozens of military bases, without any serious position on the part of the governments of Başûr and Iraq.

In Syria, at a time when the Syrian government is required to show a firm stance on Turkey's violations and occupation of the lands of Syria, it tends to use fake papers and games against the Kurdish people, and even seeks to conclude agreements as the Iraqi government does with the occupied countries.

The 21st century is the century of peoples' freedom, but at the same time, the authoritarian mentality wants to build its authority and rule at the expense of the possessions and gains of peoples through the Turkish state.

Therefore, if the Kurds do not decide to determine their fate at the current stage, they will not be able to do so in the future. The Kurdish people in parts of Kurdistan and the expatriates should organize themselves and support national unity because with unity, the Turkish occupation which poses a threat to the existence of the Kurdish people can be defeated.

We, in the name of the peoples of Rojava and the Democratic Society Movement, will do everything that falls on our shoulders to ensure the freedom of leader Ocalan and protect the gains in Rojava.


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