Zarghan's Co-Chair: third of district destroyed over Turkish barbaric bombing

The Co-chair of the Zarghan district council said that a third of the district is completely destroyed, as the shelling of the Turkish occupation, adding that more than 400 houses were destroyed, along with service facilities.

Zarghan district has been subjected to Turkish ongoing shelling since the occupation of Serêkaniyê 2019, however the bombing has intensified since the night of 19-20 last November, targeting the People’s Municipality, the Raba'at village bakery, which used to provide the residents of more than 20 villages and towns with bread, in addition to targeting schools, a center for the Internal Security Forces, shops and homes of citizens, hospitals and the communications network.

The Co-chair of the Zarghan district council, Salih Simo, said "The attacks destroyed the infrastructure and service centers, and the internal security forces building."

Simo added, "The occupation's cannons were directly targeting the citizens, to empty the district from its people and occupy it, as happened in Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî, Afrin, and other occupied areas."

He stressed, "A third of Zarghan district is destroyed, because of the continuous Turkish bombing where  it became clear that more than 400 houses were destroyed by the Turkish bombing 300 of which are in the western neighbourhood.

 "All institutions in the district are working according to the state of emergency to provide assistance to the people with the advent of winter and severe cold." He classified.

Simo explained, "The people of Zarghan district are clinging to their land. Some of them leave their homes as the intensification of the bombing and return when it stops."

The Co-chair of Zarghan district, Salih Simo, concluded his speech, "We in the Zarghan district council decry the attacks of the Turkish occupier and his mercenaries."



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