Zaki Mubarak's family accuses Turkey of procrastination to hand over his body to hide torture's marks

The family of the Palestinian Zaki Mubarak, who was killed in a prison in Istanbul a few weeks ago, confirmed that the Turkish authorities procrastinated in handing over the body, after being postponed 3 times, in order to hide the marks of torture on his body.

Senaa Abu Sbitan, the sister of Palestinian Zaki Mubarak, told Al Arabiya television, "Turkey is trying to hide the effects of the crime committed against her brother, saying that this matter is clear to all."

She added, "There is no reason other than to hide and obliterate the crime, which prevents the extradition of Zaki Mubarak's body."

Zaki's brother, Zakariya, confirmed that the family had not received the autopsies' results of his brother's body yet. Zakaria pointed out that his family would organize a series of events in order to raise world opinion on the issue of their son.

He confirmed that the family had submitted a communiqué to the United Nations, and would provide another one to the League of Arab States in order to uncover the truth of what happened with their son and hand over his body.

Zaki Mubarak's family demonstrated in front of Turkish embassy in London demanding to receive the body of their son.

Mubarak family accuses Turkey of liquidating Zaki in its prisons after being arrested on charges of spying for the UAE. Turkey says, "He committed suicide in a novel that is hard to be believed, especially since Zaki's lawyer told him he would be released on bail two days later."



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