YRJ founded during conference of Women's Media Union

Women’s media in northeastern Syria announced during its third conference the establishment of the Women’s Media Union (YRJ).

Women’s media in northeastern Syria announced during its third conference the establishment of the Women’s Media Union (YRJ).

The Women’s Media Union (YRJ) was announced during the closing statement delivered by the journalist on the Ronahi satellite channel, Kazna al-Nabi in the Kurdish language, and the journalist at the Women's news agency, Berivan Hasso in Arabic language.

The text of the closing statement:

"To the media and public opinion ... On the date of June 28, 2020, we, the journalists in the north and east of Syria, held our third conference, with the participation of 86 delegates from the members of the women's media. During the conference, extensive developments in the region and the world were discussed, Likewise, the role and tasks of the media, the identity and presence of women in the media, the problems experienced by women, as well as their impact on oppressed societies, which are subject to attacks from capitalist modernity in this regard, and what issues the women's media suffers from intellectual and organizational and ways to solve them.

The stage in which the region and the world go through can be defined by the Third World War, and with the development of this war, the struggle between the capitalist system and democratic modernity deepens and intensifies.

Authoritarian regimes fully enhance their hegemony and influence over society through various methods of warfare, this system targets women, and through women it targets all humanity, and among the methods of this war that these regimes used was the media, which is considered the most influential, due to its prominent and influential role in managing and directing societies intellectually, culturally, and others.

In the course of the history of peoples, free media played an important role in confronting masculine authoritarian regimes. With the development and progress of the revolution path in Kurdistan and the region, the importance of promoting and developing free media, which represents the color and discourse of women, With the passage of time, the authority’s media worked to put all segments of society, especially women, under the influence of psychological warfare and the policy of genocide, to impose a state of silence. Therefore, raising the voice of women in the field of media is a temporary and humanitarian task. At the same time, organizing society from an intellectual and cultural point of view, and bringing it to the acquisition of free will is one of the tasks of a free woman’s media. To the extent that the voice and discourse of women is upheld on the principles and foundations of freedom and democracy, the same extent society will be able to attain the values of freedom and build the system of a democratic nation.

We, journalists in northern and eastern Syria, have found more than ever the need to build a joint organization, so after the third conference we announced the establishment of the Women's Media Union (YRJ).

The Women's Media Union was founded above all with the aim of delivering the voice and truth of a free woman to all parts of the world.

Women have a prominent and pioneering role in the history of free media, and the free media of women has so far made great sacrifices in order to show the truth, and in our region as well, women journalists fought a persistent struggle in the face of the war of annihilation, occupation, and invasion, sacrificing their lives to show the truth from dark to light, and to continue and the continuity of the inheritance of women who sought the truth, it is necessary to achieve solidarity and unify the discourse, so that as much as women are able to build and strengthen their organization, they will equally be able to play their leadership role in building the system and a free and democratic society.

Once again, we congratulate all women journalists on establishing the Women’s Media Union, and we say that the Women’s Media Union will be the voice of the revolution along the lines of truth, and will lead the vanguard of building a democratic nation system.”



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