YPJ: We to reinforce struggle to ensure women revolution's success

The General Command of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) congratulated the 8th of March on all women, and confirmed that as YPJ, they would strengthen their struggle in 2020 to ensure the success of the women's revolution.

On the occasion of Marth 8th; the International Women's Day, the General Command of YPJ released a written statement, in which it congratulated the occasion.

The statement included:

"We congratulate the 8th of March on all the women of the world, the women of the Middle East and all the women in north and east Syria. We commemorate all the female martyrs who sacrificed themselves, and renew our promise to struggle.

In the history of humankind, free peoples and women have always resisted against the prevailing system of men. Women have struggled against injustice, and the 8th of March came as an outlet for all women in the 20th century against inequality, brought the struggle of Clara and Rossayan and was recognized as the International Women's Day after years of struggle. With Clara's struggle in addition to Sara's resistance, a new era has begun in the pages of the history of women's struggle.

On the 8th of March every year, women seek to organize themselves. With Rojava Revolution and during 9 years of hard work and struggle, achievements and gains have been made for women of all components. Through these achievements, we live in 2020 under the slogan, "Our struggle is freedom and our resistance is victory.

Our struggle in the Resistance of the Age in 2018 and the Resistance of Dignity in 2019 was an answer to all the conspiratorial powers. With Avista's sacrifice, Ronahi, Zein, Sarah, Amara and Delovan's soul, the mother Aqida and all the martyrs' mothers, and with the beauty of Hevrin's soul, we renewed our determination to fight for freedom.

These days and more than ever, we need to escalate our struggle and deepen our self-defense. What we experience today still testifies to the killing, rape and abduction of women. All women must see this dark reality imposed on them and expand their struggle together.

As YPJ and to ensure the success of the women's revolution, we will strengthen our struggle in 2020.

On this basis, we once again congratulate the 8th of March on all the women of the world, the women of the Middle East and the women fighters on the frontlines of combat."


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