YPJ: we to follow Silava, Bêrîvan's footsteps till all women's freedom achieved 

The General Command of the Women Protection's Units (YPJ) has commemorated two martyrs Silava and Bêrîvan, during a statement in which it pledged to escalate the struggle to protect all women.

The General Command of the Women's Protection Units issued a statement, and commemorated the two martyrs; Bêrîvan, who was martyred on 28 May, and Silava, who was martyred on 29 May. The Units explained during the statement that they would continue to struggle and follow the footsteps of the first two martyrs within their ranks until security and freedom for all women would be achieved.

The statement said,

"In all the wars that broke out in the world, the society, primarily women were the target. As Kurdish people and women, we paid enormous sacrifices. The masculine mentality tried to maintain its authority over the society. The history of the despots repeats itself in the character of Daesh mercenaries and Jebhet al-Nusra. But the revolution of Rojava, in which women were involved, broke this mentality.

In 2012 in Rojava Kurdistan, we as Kurdish women decided to protect our land and our society, and the two years of 2012 and 2013 were turned into the years of the women's accession to the revolution. The struggle of our martyred comrades against these violent attacks has already terrorized the enemy. Our early martyrs taught us the will, power and faith. The martyrs Bêrîvan and Silava were confident that the revolution of the people would triumph, and on this basis, they joined the ranks of the revolution. In the character of the first two martyrs within our ranks, we experienced freedom, expanded our ranks, organized ourselves and turned into an army.

The two martyrs Bêrîvan and Silava joined the ranks of the revolution in the city of Afrin and carried the revolution on their shoulders, joining with their national spirit, achieving great victories and becoming leaders of the revolution. In 2013, during the attacks of the mercenary gangs on Afrin, the two comrades turned into shields in front of these attacks and took the frontlines as a place to struggle until the last moments. The comrade Bêrîvan was martyred on May 28, and Silava was martyred on May 29.

May is known as the month of martyrs in the history of our people, and this is important for us, and on this basis, we will escalate our struggle, and we had promised them previously and we made this promise through the elimination of Daesh mercenaries.



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