YPJ fighters: We to escalate our struggle to liberate all the women

Women 's Protection Units fighters emphasized their determination to escalate their struggle for the freedom and protection of women, as well as congratulated all the women of the world on the occasion of International Women' s Day.

In conjunction with International Women's Day, a number of Women's Protection Unit YPJ fighters spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA), the fighters congratulated the beginning of leader Abdullah Ocalan, all YPJ fighters, and all the women of the world on this occasion.

The fighter in the Women’s Protection Units, Beyman Roj, said in this regard: “The resistance demonstrated by the Women’s Protection Units is heroic, an their resistance has had pioneer role in liberating all women who have suffered injustice and persecution, and are still fighting for all the wdomen of the world.

"For them, March 8 is a day for escalation of struggle and resistance. March 8 is a day to defeat the reactionary mentality, and we will liberate all women at the forefront of the leader's thought and philosophy," Abdullah Ocalan said.

For her part, the fighter Jaff Rach Zagros congratulated all the women of the world on the occasion of March 8, and said: "We, as women, have taken our place in the trenches of fighting and the struggle to protect human values, and this is a matter of pride for us because we are fighting for the protection of women, and our resistance against ISIS mercenaries and the  Turkish occupation, I have proven to the world that women in NE, Syria have fought, and have defeated the largest terrorist organization, which countries have been unable to fight.

Jaff Rach concluded her speech by emphasizing the struggle and resistance, until the liberation of all women, especially Yezidis, from the hand of ISIS mercenaries.

As fighter Beyman Sido said: "March 8 is an important day for all women. Women have fought throughout history, and until this day to obtain their freedom, and fought masculine mentality, and sought to obtain their rights, so this day is a special day for us, for all Women."



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