YPJ commemorated International Women's Day in solemn ceremony

Women's Protection Units(YPJ) commemorated the International Women's Day with solemn ceremonies held in Ain Isa district. During the ceremony, Elham Ahmed said that women must transform life into resistance to achieve victory.


In conjunction with International Women's Day, the Women's Protection Units celebrated the International Women's Day with ceremonies attended by hundreds of fighters of the Women's Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Euphrates Region, the Head of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), Elham Ahmed, commanders in YPJ, Zenarin Kobanî, Avashin Afrin and Rojda Manbij.

During the military ceremony, Elham Ahmed delivered a speech, in which she congratulated the International Women's Day on all women of the world, YPJ, and all women fighters adding, "as women, we must transform life into resistance to achieve a free life."

Elham added, "In Syria today, Syrian women are still exposed to all kinds of violence and terrorism, from the oppression of male mentality in the society as a result of the bloody wars that continue in Syria."

She praised the victories achieved by YPJ in countering terrorism, which was a threat to the world as a whole.

Elham concluded, "we salute the resistance of all women and women of free thought, and we pledge that we will fight and resist."



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