​​​​​​​YPJ commander: We to escalate struggle with our weapons, women in around world must demand freedom

​​​​​​​The Commander of the Women’s Protection Units YPJ blessed Tolhidna Raman by approaching March 8 for all the women of the world, and she said: “This day was written with the blood of struggling women workers who stood in the face of injustice and persecution and made sacrifices for freedom.” And she added, “We, as fighters, will continue to struggle with our weapons, and the rest of the women must escalate their voice calling for freedom, justice and equality.

During the revolution, women in north and east Syria showed resistance and struggle at all levels. In the social sphere, they faced the authoritarian masculine mentality that prevailed in society on the one hand, and militarily responded to the attacks of mercenary groups in the region, and managed to achieve victory, to participate with full force in the political field and community management Also.

In this context, and to know the role of the combatant woman in the struggle of women for freedom, Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with YPJ commander Tolhidan Raman, who blessed at the beginning of her speech on March 8 to all the women of the world and to the fighting woman and the mothers of the martyrs in particular.

On the importance of International Women's Day, which falls on March 8 of each year, Tolhidan Raman emphasized that this day also came as a result of the accumulation of struggles and sacrifices of women throughout the world, and described it as "the day of struggle for all women who seek to achieve their goals in achieving rights and freedom and creating a free society in which it prevails." Justice, she said: "We, as Women's Protection Units YPJ, see that every day for us is the eighth of March, because we do not stop fighting and resisting, and we gain strength and faith in our ability to effect change whenever we see women in our society and the world moving towards achieving their rights, Therefore, we will escalate the struggle to make March 8th a rebirth for the freedom of all women in the world. "

Tolhidan indicated that this day was written with the blood of struggling working women who stood in the face of injustice and persecution and made sacrifices for freedom. She added: "And we, as women's protection units, have acquired our struggle legacy from the historical legacy of women in the land of Mozambutamia and its society that used to view women and mothers as" gods "and on this basis We are getting more determined to reach the flame of freedom, to grant it to all women. "

She emphasized that the peoples in the areas of NE, Syria that had gone through wars and disasters as a result of attacks by mercenary groups and the Turkish occupation, during which a large percentage of women suffered from injustice and persecution, so when the YPJ began to address these attacks and protect women, many women from these areas took the initiative by joining YPJ ranks, these units today become a symbol that women all over the world are proud of, especially after their active participation in defeating ISIS.

Tolhidan added: "In the recent war that our regions were subjected to at the hands of the Turkish occupation, it was clear that they were targeting primarily women, and this was proven through the crimes and violations they committed against women, such as Mutilation the bodies of the Amara fighter, the brutal treatment of the captured fighter Çîçek, and the brutal method that killed in it the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, all this indicates that the authoritarian and dictatorial regimes are afraid of the emancipation of women and the struggle and resistance of women.

Tolhidan Raman concluded her speech by saying: "We, asYPJ, our message to all the women of the world is to join hands and fight against the authoritarian and masculine mentality that rejects women's rights, and we as fighters will continue to struggle with our weapons, and the rest of the women must escalate the struggle with their voices calling for freedom, justice and equality."



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