YPG reveals the record of fighter Firas Sardar

People's Protection Units' Media Center revealed the record of one of its fighters who was martyred on June 20, after an incurable illness.

This came in the text of the statement issued by the Media Center of the People's Protection Units to the public opinion:

To the media and public opinion

Comrade Firas was born and raised in a national family in the city of Mako in eastern Kurdistan, and joined the ranks of our forces after he was affected by the Freedom Revolution in Rojava and northern Syria, where he showed great resistance against the various forms of attacks that were targeting the gains of our people but he did not retreat and he took his duty towards his country with all honestly.

Our martyr comrade recorded:
Nom de guerre: Firas Sardar

Name and surname: Ramadan Kazemian

Mother's name: Amenah

Father's name: Hamza

Place of birth: Mako

Date of martyrdom: June 20, 2020
In the soul of our martyr comrade Firas, we commemorate all the martyrs of freedom and we wish their families and our people patience and solace. "



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