YPG fighters chose resistance way to achieve martyrs' goals

They chose the path of resistance, the injury did not prevent them from continuing this path, drawing inspiration from the insistence of their path companions who were martyred in the battles of freedom against mercenaries and occupation, emphasizing the achievement of the goals of their comrades.

Fighters who have lost part of their body for principles that they believed in, continue their struggle to achieve goals they believed in, and fought for them, unconcerned about their fate in the fulfillment of the dreams of their martyr comrades in building a free and democratic country, Alan and Siamand are fighters who share a similar story, and perhaps the most important detail is insistence going forward with the struggle.

The honor of joining is crowned with redemption

The story of Alan Hamo begins in 2016, when he was 18 years old, when he wanted to join the ranks of the People's Protection Units YPG as a fighter, to defend with his comrades, the freedom of his people, ideas he believed in it that deserve to sacrifice himself his blood in their path, and he participated in fights Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army.

He told ANHA : "With the beginning of the revolution, I tried to join the ranks of the YPG, but my age did not allow that, and that is why I waited until I was 18 in 2016, when I was allowed to join them."

With the beginning of the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Afrin canton, Alan and his fellow fighters go to Afrin and stand on the front lines against the Turkish killing machine, and he adds: "We went to Afrin, to defend our land and our dignity, despite the siege and heavy bombardment, we did not leave our positions in the village of Deir Sawan and we defended our land with full strength. "

After the fighting intensifies, one of Alan's comrades gets injured, and he rushes to his rescue. However, one of the shells of the occupation army explodes near them, hitting his head on the ground, and seriously wounded.

As for the fighter Siamand Hami, he joined the People's Protection Units (YPG), in 2014, and also participated in the resistance of Sheikh Maqsoud against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and during the battles he loses his right hand after a mine exploded, while combing a mercenary point after liberating it.

From fighters on the frontlines to fighters in the Revolutionary Youth Union

Although doctors warned Alan of the seriousness of his injury, stressing not to over-move and engage in activities that require muscular effort, he insists on continuing the struggle by joining the ranks of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and participating in football patrols as a player within the youth team.

And on the reason why Alain was not interested in the warnings of the doctors, he says: "The insistence on continuing the struggle within the ranks of the youth stems from the qualities I acquired from the comrades of the martyrs, whom I consider my role model in life, like the martyr Karker, I learned from them to insist on moving forward in order to achieve goals that I have secured at whatever price. Expensive, and this is really not just by saying, for the martyr Karker was martyred and he is convinced that this revolution is the right path to freedom. "

As for Siamand, whose hand was amputated, and was no longer able to bear arms, he joined the youth movement, and participates in all activities of the movement as his new way to continue the struggle.

"Although I am amputating my right hand, I see that I can go on and do my best to serve society, my belief in the principles of a democratic nation and the thought of leader Ocalan insists me more, and I am ready for everything that is required to protect the Rojava revolution and the gains of our people," Siamand says.



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