​​​​​​​Youth of Al-Shahba joins the campaign

Today, the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in al-Shahba canton announced its joining the “We Will Definitely Win” campaign that was announced recently.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in al-Shahba canton issued a statement in which it announced joining the “We Will Definitely Win” campaign, in Hassin village in al-Shahba canton, in the presence of dozens of members of the movement, waving the flags of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement.

The administrator in the movement read "Zulfiqar Lolo" the statement, and said in it:

The ongoing war has targeted people for years ago to achieve the interests of capitalism in the demographic change of the region. The right to know their truth and not to deny themselves and defend their gains, as well as to protect the general concepts that established the horizon and aspiration of the community."

"The truth is that the enemy's inability to achieve its goals. The Haftanin war is part of the international conspiracies against the leader, Apo, and it is a continuation of the barbaric and chauvinist aggression against southern Kurdistan. The enemy that acts as a policeman, wants to obliterate the identity of the people and change the ideology of peer life and coexistence, which has become a practical reality and a way of life for all components. From its recent war on Haftanin. it is the striking of the international personal militant personality and the national character. "

We, the youth of al-Shahba canton, will escalate our cohesion and organization, as well as define the goal and vision, until we reach a settlement of the revolutionary personality of the youth, and reach the standardization of general concepts and standards in accordance with the philosophy of the leader Apo and we pledge to organize for the comprehensive resistance in support of southern Kurdistan and Haftanin.

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