Youth movement in Lebanon recalls martyr Engin and pledges to continue struggle

Dozens of Kurdish youth gathered in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, to remember the martyr Qasim Engin, and issued a statement pledging to fulfil continue his struggle.

The statement was read by the administrator of the Youth Movement in Lebanon, Muhammad Zuhair Hassan, who said:
“On May 1, the member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Executive Committee, Qasim Engin, was martyred in an air strike of the Turkish fascist state. Comrade Engin, until the last moment of his life, was loyal to the cause of his people, and he became a representative of the truth of leadership, and during his lifetime he contributed, and through his struggle stances, the connection of thousands as a young man in struggle, he has given every moment of his life a struggle, and he has become the militant cadre who represents the leadership philosophy.

He never abandoned his Kurdish hopes, and he always strove to fulfill them. In Europe, where he spent his childhood, his attachment and loyalty to the homeland did not subside. Rather, this fulfillment escalated with the passage of time. In commitment to this fulfillment, he was directed first to the command yard, and then to the mountains of Kurdistan.

In the name of the Kurdish youth in Lebanon, we remember with respect the comrade's struggle, and renew the pledge to fulfill this struggle. It should be known that we, the young Kurdistan men will continue to escalate the struggle against the martyrs' approach until they defeat all enemy attacks and special war attacks. We will not complain of betrayal, occupation, and all other difficulties and obstacles hindering national unity. "

The statement concluded by chanting slogans glorifying the martyrs of Kurdistan's freedom and praising the struggle of the leader Ocalan.

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