​​​​​​​Youth launch march to Zînî wartê

The youth march of the Kurdistan Region began to Zînî wartê in the north of Hawler Province, its aim of ending a dispute that began with the Democratic Party sending its forces to that region.

Young people from different regions in Başûr Kurdistan region participate in the march

Initially, the youths gathered in the public park in the city of Rania, where an explanatory statement was read about the goal of the march.

The participants held a banner at the front of the march saying: "In the spirit of the youth, we defeat the occupation and achieve national unity."

The walkers chanted "One, one, one Kurdish people, one."

The march organizers wore T-shirts bearing the insignia of victory and the word "enough".

The march is protesting the tension in Zînî wartê area after the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which left an escalation with the forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, leaving a security loophole for the Turkish state to intensify its attacks on the region.



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