Youth discuss the need to resolve the Palestinian and Kurdish issues

The events of the second day of the Middle East Youth Conference held in the city of Kobani were concluded after discussions were held on the issues of peoples, the role of young people and the outstanding problems in the Middle East.


A number of views shared at the Second Conference of the Middle East Youth, which is held in the city of Kobani, northern Syria, touched up the need to resolve the Palestinian and Kurdish issues, which are bound by the crisis in the region.

A delegation arrived from the southern city of Suweida to participate in the second day of the conference, while delegations from the coastal city of Latakia and Egypt were scheduled to arrive in the evening for the remaining two days of the "Middle East Youth Conference."

The conference, which was held under the slogan "With Pioneer Youth Towards a Democratic Middle East", brings together revolutionary youth delegations from Lebanon, Palestine, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Libya and a number of Syrian regions, Libya, Tunisia, Iran, Georgia and South Kurdistan.

The participants argued that the capitalist states are trying to complicate the Kurdish and Palestinian issues to intervene in the region and impose the capitalist system as a solution based on the blood of oppressed peoples, especially in the Middle East, which rejected this regime. They also stated that if the Kurdish and Palestinian issues are not resolved, the Middle East will remain in a cycle of conflict.

They pointed out that the peoples cannot oppress peoples but governments are inciting those peoples and creating strife among them, and called the young participants in the conference to the need for the Kurds to work for the Turks and Arabs or vice versa because the danger that hits the Middle East does not exclude anyone.

In the same context, a documentary about women's science "Jinoloji" was presented to more than 350 participants in the conference held at the Cultural Center in the northern city of Kobani near the Turkish border.

During the conference, the Middle East crisis, the problems experienced by peoples under the influence of capitalist modernity, the issue of women and sexual intolerance, religious fanaticism, nationalistic fanaticism, scientific intolerance, dogmatism, the pioneer role of young people in the resistance of peoples under democratic modernity, the cause and struggle of the Palestinian people and massacres and the ethnic genocide suffered by the peoples of the Middle East.

It is scheduled to discuss many other topics and the establishment of a focal point for youth of the Middle East on Friday to receive the closing word and end the conference on the third day, while 23 of this month is allocated to youth’s visit to archaeological sites in northern and eastern Syria.


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