Yousef: We are not bound by new constitution unless all Syrian parties participate in

Nujin Yousef said that they had not received any official invitation to participate in the Constitutional Committee to reduce the Syrian crisis.

The Syrian arena is witnessing contradictions between the interests of the international powers involved in the crisis. With the announcement of the “guarantors of the Astana process” near the end of the formation of the constitutional committee to prepare a new constitution for Syria, no official invitation was extended to representatives of the components of northeastern Syria.

To discuss this issue, Hawar News Agency(ANHA) met with the Vice-President of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD), Nujin Yousef.

"The agreements we see in Astana and elsewhere and their direct impact, especially on the Idlib region, and Turkey's threats to northern and eastern Syria all lead to serious danger, which obliges us to create a new Syrian constitution and work to resolve the Syrian crisis through the participation of the Syrians themselves, " Nujin said.

She pointed out that in "MSD"  they held three dialogue forums, and focused in the last forum on the need to convene a conference of all the opposition parties, to show the mechanism for drafting the new Syrian constitution and emphasize the need for the participation of all Syrian components in its drafting.

Lack of commitment

"If we do not participate in the drafting of the Syrian constitution, we will not be obliged to work with it," she said, describing the work of drafting a new Syrian constitution as a positive step, she said: "So far we have not seen any serious steps."

Nujin said during her speech that they have not received any invitation so far to participate in the drafting of the Syrian Constitution, and renewed their lack of commitment to the new constitution in the absence of an invitation to the Council of the Democratic Syria to participate in it.

Political weight

The northern and eastern areas of Syria are a wide geographical area, '' said Nujin Yusuf.

"`This represents a third of the Syrian territory, which cant not negligible in pushing the political wheel to resolve the crisis, and not joining its formulation will make it incomplete because the fate of all components living in Syria must be taken into account."

"In Syria currently there are three main parties, namely the regime, the opposition and Self-Administration, if there is no consensus, there will be no solution," she added.

Conflicts and crisis will continue unless we unite and integrate with thought. We discussed our new constitution together and set to ourselves a basic reference in which all components are present.

Nujin Youssef, concluded that they are working to unify ideas to resolve the crisis, stressing that in the event of excluding a large geographical and population, "in reference to the areas of northern and eastern Syria," the work of preparing the new constitution will be useless.



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