Young Cacan commemorated through theatrical and lyrical performances

The tent of commemorating the Kurdish young man, Barish Cacan, has ended in Al-Hasakah, with theatrical and lyrical performances.

The Revolutionary Youth Movement, in coordination with the Khabour Center for Culture and Art  started on June 10, a series of cultural and artistic activities under the slogan "The attack on Cacan is an attack on the Kurdish language and culture", denouncing the killing of the Kurdish young man by Turkish fascists because of listening to Kurdish music.

It concluded today, with a collection of Kurdish folk songs and theatrical performances by artistic groups in Al- Derbasiya district.

The Martyr Hevi band gave a theatrical performance on the crimes of the Turkish state in the occupied areas, and the Martyr Zilan band also performed Kurdish folkloric songs.

The event ended with chanting slogans saluting the leader Abdullah Ocalan and slogans glorifying the martyrs, and holding circles of folkloric dances.

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