Yezidis Union: After genocides against us, we saw light in leader Apo’s thoughts

The Yazidis Union for the occupied Afrin canton considered that the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan aims to enslave the peoples seeking freedom.

The Union said in a statement issued today, in Al-Shahba district, on the occasion of the twenty-first anniversary of the international conspiracy, "at a time when the entire world claims freedom, the era of democracies, and the rights of individuals, groups and peoples to determine their destiny, but what happened and is happening now in the whole world, especially in the Middle East region confirms the opposite. "

The union saw the conspiracy as a target for free thought. "The countries that dominate the world and colonialism try by all means to suppress everything that is free and serve the peoples of the world as a whole, so that people remain slaves to these countries. With thought stemming from the geography that witnessed the first human civilization on the face of the earth, it calls for the brotherhood of all peoples without distinction, for all of humanity to be equal, so these states targeted the owner of the luminous thought, Abdullah Ocalan, and sent him to a solitary confinement on the Turkish island of Emrali, and isolated him from the whole world.

The statement promised that targeting the leader Abdullah Ocalan "is a targeting of freedom and democracy, and all the discreet peoples in the world, and it is an ugly conspiracy in all words and labels against humanity, so whoever undertakes this conspiracy works tirelessly to enslave peoples and nations, and eliminate all humanity."

The Union condemned "this painful anniversary of the international conspiracy against our leader Abdullah Ocalan, in which we condemn and denounce in the strongest terms and words this heinous act against humanity, especially our Yezidi community, which saw the light, after many a genocide was committed against, in the thought of leader Apo."

The statement ended with chanting slogans, "There is no life without the leader, Long live the brotherhood of the peoples, mercy to the martyrs."



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