Yezidi girl found in Al-Hol camp

In the Al-Jazeera region, the Yazidi House, in cooperation with the Al-Hol camp administration, identified the Yazidi girl in Al-Hol camp and was handed over to the Yazidi house.

In a statement today, the Yazidi House noted that the Committee for the Kidnapped Affairs in the Yazidi House in al-Jazeera region, in cooperation with the administration of Al-Hol camp, identified the Yazidi girl in the camp.

The statement pointed out that after the battles of al-Baghouz and the Syrian Democratic Forces having liberated it, thousands of civilians took refuge in al-Hol camp, including civilians and families of ISIS, with children, including Yezidis as well.

The Yazidi House said that the identification of the girl, 17-year-old, Leila Murad Eido, took place yesterday.

Laila Murad was handed over to the Yazidi house in Al-Jazeera region, to be returned to her family at a later time.


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