Yemeni sheikh: Turkey moves in Bab al-Mandab to pressure Egypt, compensate its losses in Libya

One of the tribal sheikhs and elders of the Yemeni tribes, Sheikh Shamsan Abdul Rahman al-Numan, affirmed that Turkey wants to restore the Ottoman Empire over the Arabian Peninsula. He pointed out that Al-Hajriyah’s strategic location, Mocha and the Bab al-Mandab are a Turkish Qatari obsession, as some imagine, that it is their delayed battle.

Sheikh Shamsan Abdul Rahman Numan, one of Yemeni sheikhs in Al-Hijriya region, said during an interview with Hawar News Agency: "Turkey wants to restore the Ottoman Empire's extension to the Arabian Peninsula as it was before."

He pointed out: " it has become clear that the conflict in is not a political struggle, but rather an existing struggle for life and survival, the ancient Yemeni history and the future of new generations against the Turkish colonial project and its new old dream that Yemen will become a cancerous tumor in the side of the Gulf and Arabism."

He confirmed : "The recent events in the Al-Hajriyah area revealed the main objectives to engage with the forces stationed in Mocha and the coast in general so that the Turks have a presence in Bab al-Mandab to pressure Egypt. The Bab al-Mandab Strait affects Suez Channel with great harm."

Sheikh added: "Turkey appointed this important port in order to barter Egypt with it, especially after the strikes that resulted in the killing of important Turkish leaders and the destruction of its Hawk air system in the Libyan territories and destroyed by unknown warplanes, according to several sources. "

Sheikh Numan stressed: "Arab national security is in danger; some may see it is not that dangerous, but it is very dangerous. They will not realize its impact until things start falling off on the man."

The Sheikh concluded his speech by saying: "Al-Hajriyah's strategic location, in addition to the Mocha site and the Bab al-Mandab, is a Turkish-Qatari obsession that they will not leave so easily. Some imagine that it is their delayed battle, and through them they will strike two birds with the Southern Stone and the Alliance and the interests of our sisterly Egypt."

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