Yemeni army responded to Houthi attack, suffered heavy losses

​​​​​​​The Yemeni army forces responded to an attack by the Houthis on sites in Qaniya front, north of al-Bayda governorate, in the center of the country.

"The National Army forces foiled an attack by the Houthis in two areas of the Qaniya front," said Brigadier-General 117, infantry brigadier general, Ahmed al-Naqah.

Brigadier General Ahmed al-Naqah stated that the army forces were monitoring all Houthi movements and their mobilization during the past days.

Brig. Al-Naqah confirmed that the Houthis suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment during the battles, pointing out that the army forces were able to seize quantities of various weapons and ammunition.

Parents in the Houthi-controlled areas demanded that their children be preserved, and that they not leave them prey to the Houthis, so that they would be recruited into losing battles, noting that "most of the Houthi fighters are children, the weak and the simple."

Earlier, military sources revealed that dozens of Houthi elements, including field leaders, were killed during the violent battles that took place on the Qaniya front.

Houthi forces attack from time to time, the National Army forces in Qaniya al-Wahhabi front, in an attempt to regain strategic positions lost during the last period, but all its efforts have been unsuccessful so far.



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