Yemeni army fails a Houthi attack, kills a number of them

​​​​​​​The Yemeni army failed, at dawn today, a massive attack by the Houthis in Sarwah front, west of Marib Governorate, and inflicted heavy losses.

With the support of the tribes, the national army failed with an attempt to infiltrate the Houthi groups to locations in Sarwah Front, and they were able to defeat them and take control of sites where they were stationed on the same front.

Al-Arabiya Network reported from its sources that the battles resulted in the killing of the Houthi attack leader in Sarwah Front, called Colonel Khaled Hussein Al-Kahlani, along with a number of Houthi elements.

Meanwhile, identical sources reported to the network, the killing of prominent leaders in the ranks of the Houthis, in the confrontations witnessed by the Wahhabi front in al-Bayda governorate, central Yemen, during the past two days, one of them is Colonel Hammoud Al-Mahaqri.

In the same context, the National Army arrived after the battles yesterday, Thursday, with the Houthis, to the outskirts of al-Wahhabi market, which was under its control.



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