Yemen faces the tragedy and foes of Washington celebrating its collapse

The United Nations has warned of a terrible tragedy that may take place in Yemen, while Iran, Russia, China and Turkey are celebrating the collapse of the United States of America.

On Wednesday morning, the international newspapers focused on the horrific humanitarian situation in Yemen, as well as the celebration of the collapse of the countries hostile to Washington.

The Guardian: Yemen faces a terrible tragedy

Turning to the Yemeni situation, the British Guardian newspaper said, "The United Nations said that Yemen is still on the verge of a" terrible tragedy "after it collected humanitarian donations of only $ 1.35 billion for this year, which is about 1 billion dollars less than required.

If no more money is raised, Yemen will "face horrific results at the end of the year," said Mark Lowcock, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator.

He pledged, despite the shortage, that "the United Nations will not abandon the people of Yemen," adding that the pledge will continue because some major donors in the past year have not yet contributed.

The Jerusalem Post: Iran, Russia, China and Turkey celebrate the "collapse" of the United States

As for the Israeli Jerusalem Post, it said, "It seems that all authoritarian regimes all over the world are gloating and celebrating the chaos in the United States. On Monday, Iranian media shouted stories highlighting the collapse, while Russian sources said that the United States is rocking under the weight of the collapse of its global system.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States became the most powerful country in the world, a world dominating superpower, and Russia, China, Iran, and Turkey increasingly waited for the period when the world would become multipolar again.

The Wall Street Journal: The United States is tightening to put pressure on oil trade in Venezuela

The American Wall Street Journal reported that the United States was tightening to put pressure on Venezuela and said, "On Tuesday, the Trump administration tightened its network of sanctions on the Maduro regime in Venezuela, and listed four companies on its blacklist, allegedly involved in the country's oil sector.

Washington aims to cut the remaining financial life lines of the Maduro regime, and by imposing sanctions on companies and their ships registered in the Marshall Islands and Greece, and the US Treasury is trying to cut the flow of revenue that President Nicholas Maduro needs to maintain his authority, and targeting the private sector with financial sanctions helps the administration also to avoid military confrontation.



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