Yemen demands to hold an emergency international meeting to stop Houthi advance on Marib

The Yemeni government has called the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the dangerous repercussions of the Iranian-backed Houthi attack on the Marib Governorate.

The Ministry of Human Rights in the Yemeni government stressed, in a statement, the international community to "take urgent measures to prevent genocide and massacres against the local population and members of tribes."

She criticized the exaggeration in the use of the term "humanity" by the international community in the governorate of Hodeidah, and its resort to silence in what Marib is subjected to, stressing that this "constitutes a blatant double in the use and application of international humanitarian and human rights law."

The Ministry expressed its condemnation and denunciation of the Houthi groups' continued attack on the Marib Governorate and targeting its densely populated neighborhoods with ballistic missiles, in light of the silence of international bodies concerned with the protection and promotion of human rights in the world.

The statement said: "During the years of the war, Marib embraced nearly two million displaced people from various governorates of the country, providing them with safety and a decent life, and its schools and hospitals welcomed the children of the displaced with open arms, while it is still one of the most important stations that attract national capital looking for opportunities for investment."

The statement added, "The targeting of Marib Governorate by the Houthi militia is a target for the Yemeni state with all its institutions, and exposes two and a half million Yemeni citizens to the imminent dangers."



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