Yellow Vests New demonstrations, numbers declined

Protesters of Gilets Jannes or "Yellow Vests" have gathered in the streets in mass rally in the French capital Paris and other cities, and these demonstrations have been declined comparing with its launch.


"The number of demonstrations has fallen in the last four weeks," AFP said, adding that 41,000 people demonstrated last Saturday, comparing to 282,000 on November 17, the first day of unprecedented social protests.

Five demonstrations were announced in Paris on Saturday, three of them in rallies according to a police statement. The other two marches named on the Facebook social networking website as "Yellow Tsunami" and "All in the Champs-Elysées do not back down," will start from the Arc de Triomphe at 12 O'clock, 13 O'clock respectively, ending at 17:00 at the Trocadero square.

The Yellow Vests protests began as a popular protest movement in May 2018 and increased in popularity and strength by November of the same year. The protesters denounced the rise in fuel prices, the rising cost of living, the call for a reduction in fuel taxes, the raising of the minimum wage that developed to calling for the resignation of the President Emmanuel Macaron.



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