Yellow Vests demonstrations in Lyon, Nantes instead of Paris

According to Agence France-Presse, the protesters of Yellow Vests or "Gilets Janues" whose movement is approaching six months invited to demonstrate on Saturday, determining two "patriotic" gatherings in the cities of Lyon and Nantes, where authorities fear the existence of rioters.

The French Interior Ministry counted less than 19,000 protesters. The organizers talked of 40,000 – staged in the marches launched last Saturday in the weakest participation since 17 November.

In a sign of a decline in action, Bordeaux city, one of the strongest protest strongholds, has seen a slow decline in mobilization since the spring, and marches have no longer included more than 1,500 people.

Kevin O'Brien said, "We will take part in a Saturday demonstration at a national invitation, and logically all the north and west protestors will be in Nantes and the protesters in the south will be in Lyon. Repression ultimately causes fear."

Teyari Bouarivan, 44, who is taking part in demonstrations in Lyon said, "There is a kind of fatigue and fear of police violence. There is also the economic side," explaining that "the demonstration in Paris and other cities is expensive."

Anais, 26, who is organizing the demonstrations in Douai said the mobilization would "stay the same" until the European elections.

"We are in a state of waiting," she said, stressing that "it will not retreat for the referendum of citizenship initiative, the increase of the purchasing power and the reduce of taxes for people with special needs and retirees."

In Paris, the demonstration will be launched by Josio "in support of teachers" in protest against Blancier's law, and the Champs Elysées Avenue, which include the Presidential Palace and the National Assembly, as well as the Notre Dame sector will be closed."



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