Yekiti member: Idlib may turn into conflict between Russia, Turkey

A member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) saw that Turkey's failure to meet Russia's demands in Idlib would turn into a conflict between Russia and Turkey, explaining that the Turkish occupation used its mercenaries to set new points and draw new borders within the Syrian territory, to be a key player in the next Syrian settlement and to get the biggest gains in the Syrian future.

There are several indicators of the escalation of differences between Russia and the Turkish occupation, against the backdrop of developments in the city of Idlib since the second of May, as a result of increasing the air strikes launched by Russian warplanes and the Syrian regime on the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the "De- escalation," and Turkey's continuation in sending support for Heyat Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhet al-Nusra).

Hawar news agency met with the Lawyer and the Member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) in Serê Kanîyê, Hasan Bero.

Bero made clear, "The conflict in the city of Idlib is a conflict between the regional and international powers for several reasons, the most important of which is the disagreement of the guarantor states, including Turkey and Russia on the areas where they have set up observation points, and the failure to meet the radical mercenary gangs operating under several names including the mercenaries of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham (previously Jabhet al-Nusra), and the National Front of the demands of the guarantor states.

The breakthroughs will lead to confrontation between Russia and Turkey

He pointed out, "The cause of the differences and conflicts that exist and deepen these contradictions in Idlib is due to the lack of agreement of the super powers on the Syrian file in general, and the file of Idlib in particular, and we can consider that the Astana agreement has become old in the result of Turkey's inability to impose dictates on the mercenary gangs loyal to it in the region."

The mercenaries in Idlib are used for Turkey's trade-offs

He continued, "Turkey is using them for several reasons, including the acquiring of S-400 ballistic missiles to blackmail America, and to trade with the International Coalition for north and east Syria, or to determine its monitoring points in this region in the future if the buffer zone is approved to have the upper hand in this region."

He stressed, "All this affects the situation of Syria in general, and this means the continuation of the Syrian crisis," adding, "Because there are regional countries to implement their agendas in Syria, Turkey is developing new points or draw new borders within the Syrian territory to be a key player in the next Syrian settlement and to get the biggest gains in the Syrian future."

The Lawyer and Member of the Organization of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) in the region of Serê Kanîyê, Hasan Bero, demanded at the end of his speech to solve the Syrian issue on the basis of international resolutions, including resolution 58-22, put forward a new constitution for Syria, and hold fair and free elections, calling for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, so that all Syrians would sit on one negotiating table and put the interests of Syria and the Syrian people first.



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